Could someone boost up my new character to level 72?

i just need to get my new assassin to level 72 ill do anything in return

Check out my thread titled power levels and op levels

my [friend] you havent been online in like 2 days lol

Yeah I work on the weekends. I’m only on Monday through Thursday

i wanna make a new character and do all the dlcs on op8 and ■■■■ wanna do it with me?

If i can manage the time.

alright homes

How old are you?

im 15.

I sort of guessed that based on your vocabulary

Can I join my psn is prime_conduit2k3

should i be insulted

It wasn’t intended to be insulting. Whether you take it that way or not is out of my control.


I just happened to notice the colorful words you used to reference me and deduced that you were young.