Could someone explain how splash damage works on non-torgue weaponry?

So in my travels among the plethora of guides and information on this board, something I’ve yet to be able to figure out is how exactly splash damage works for non-torgue weaponry.

I get that there’s two kinds of splash damage. Actual splash, and splash added to the bullet (I think). It was to my understanding that the actual splash (such as torgue weaponry) can be boosted by grenade damage boosts. Then there’s the actual gun damage part of it that’s boosted by gun damage boosts and other modifiers that use gun damage.

So do weapons that possess splash damage actually do splash, meaning AoE? Something like Hellfire. Because I thought that it having splash damage was just a way for Krieg and Axton to boost its damage through their grenade damage skills.

I ask this because I’ve been informed that the Hellfire SMG has actual splash that will hit other targets if they’re close enough. But I don’t know the range of the actual splash. All they mentioned was “Hellfire will splash if you use Converge or a singularity”. So is it the same range as torgue’s splash or what?


Short answer. No.
lol ok, kidding appart if there’s one who could it would be Demonite.
Here’s his guide.


I’ll 2nd the guide posted above