Could someone give me a list of quests that you "Don't turn in"?

I had a list but it’s gone. Since I’m running through the story lines in UVHM (LvL 72) now specifically to get those special weapons. I don’t want to miss out the way I did in TVHM. (Didn’t read forums/watch videos as much back then)
I know claptraps “Beard makes the man” for the grog, and the one where you don’t turn in the letters to Herbert.
Then I thought I saw something about farming the Treasure room and not turning in that quest also.
But I know there’s more things “not” to do.
Any help greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Doctor’s orders and animal rights are the only other ones, so you can farm LLMs in the WEP. unless you want to save some to farm uniques


Never knew of “Animal rights” Thanks!!
Am I correct about the Treasure room?

You posted that just before I did. Well done sir…

I’m not sure about the treasure room, I’m assuming you’re refering to the one in DLC1? If so I dunno, I think most people use the christmas HH DLC to farm non-uniques these days, but I have no idea wheather one is better than the other.

@BTK420247 haha sorry

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IIRC, Animal Rights decreases the number of baddies in the Preserve so there is less to deal with when farming LLMs.

it also increases the spawn rate of the LLMs, so make sure you don’t pick up the echo recorders.

I have no idea why it works that way, one of the weirder interactions in the game to be sure.

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Sorry Wingsday , After beating Leviathon. That treasure room. (memory comes and goes these days. :wink:

*echo recorders, Thanks that’s another one I just read about.

Huh, didn’t know it also increased the spawn rate.

yeah, that’s what I thought

Made my new list…Will attach to monitor every time I play now.
No excuses this time. :smile:
Thanks guys.

If you’re interested in chest hunting Thousand Cuts for Loot Midgets, leave Rocko’s Modern Strife open. This will prevent most (not all) enemies from spawning… apparently some Goliaths can still show up. This way you don’t have to fight your way through every time you want to make a run.


It’s only special goliaths - loot goons and one-armed bandits.

The only quest I don’t turn in is Doctor’s Orders and that’s it. Just for the midgets. Everything else is completed and turned in immediately after being accepted. I don’t actually need anything else from those other quests that people usually leave open and it pains me to leave even Doctor’s Orders open. If I’m gonna leave a whole bunch of quests open I might as well not play the game at all.

Thanks Adabiviak, Definitely going after LLM’s.

Gut0nez, I too want to cash in on every quest as I did in the 1st 2 rounds. I missed out on getting to use some of those weapons and just want to try them out in UVHM. Keeping the game fresh for me somewhat.

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I get that perspective but it doesn’t hurt to leave a few open, especially if you’ve already done them multiple times in a single character playthrough mode. That said, I’d rather that the developers try to reconsider the game design a little for next time so we don’t have any incentive for this behavior next time. Example: the easiest way to fix most of them would be to let us individually reset any specific quest in a playthrough through our mission log.

Other fixes include giving us a copy of the mission specific weapons when we turn in the quest. That would fix grog nozzle for us.

And finally perhaps some kind of repeatable randomly reordered room arena where we can hit some switches to ask for certain types of enemies to spawn or not spawn. So if we want to farm loot midgets we can ask for that and then we’d get thrown into some random structure map that has them. That last part helps replayability because then we can enjoy a new random map at the same time.

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