Could "The Beast" be made into a playable faction via modding?

I’m sure there’s already been 10,000 people asking why Homeworld Cataclysm wasn’t included in the Remastered Edition, So I’ll just get to the point. The Beast has some pretty interesting mechanics, but I think most of them could be replicated with some of the new ships I’m seeing in the remastered edition, such as the Marine Frigate. Is anyone working on this?

Unless Gearbox did some fancy stuff to the engine that no one is going to notice the most integral part of the beast, the infection mechanic, is probably impossible.

Actually, I think there are a few possible infection mechanisms that you might be able to implement. The infection beam itself is a dicey proposition, but the idea of ships being stolen and growing red stuff on them isn’t completely impossible.


If the infection mechanic can be done then there’s possibilities for Borg assimilation too :wink:

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Anyone know where there is a decompiled cataclysm big file? I lost my cd ages ago…

I already got the beast in HWU =) Just need infection beam to work and we are golden =)

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Actually, I recall Gearbox mentioning interest in finding a way to remake Homeworld: Cataclysm for the Remastered engine, just being stalled due to the loss of the source code.

While I’d love to see a mod which does that, if Gearbox ever need help remaking it maybe they could recontact the original devs. Pretty much everyone who worked on HW:Cata at Barking Dog Studios is actually still kicking around at the game studios they founded themselves after Barking Dog went under. And of course, I’m talking about Sword of the Stars developers Kerberos Productions.

Even before HW:Remastered was announced they often talked fondly about the time they spent working on Catqaclysm(and apparently some of the team did some side-work on the original Homeworld on Relic’s behalf too. One in fact was noting how, in part, Homeworld wasn’t a great game because of it’s source code but rather despite it as it was apparently a bit of a complex bit. This could explain why the remastered version of HW1 actually had to be remade in HW2’s engine since I recall Gearbox themselves commenting about the solidity of HW2’s engine compared to the engine/code of the original HW1 game).

Not only that, but their team also include Arinn Dembo who(under nom de plume Marcus Skyler at the time) actually wrote a lot of the original lore about Kharak’s history and the Kiith in the original Homeworld 1 game manual(something which I sorely miss not having a .PDF of in the current Remastered collection and which would have made it awesomely complete if included).

The infection beam has already been made functional in a mod for Homeworld 2. The Beast Evolution mod, I believe.

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not gonna happen. cataclysm was basically fanfic level.

No, infection beam has never been made. Beast evolution used normal capturing procedures, nothing at all special.

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Not true. It did patch up the gap between HW1 and HW2. And through Cata you find out just why the hell the Bentus is the last ship of the Bentusi.

Maybe so and I like to think so but fact is that Relic never considered it to be part of their storyline or acknowledged it and therefore also never explained why only Bentus remained. As you said yourself it would fit perfectly as gab filler but it’s not the case.

However GBX could declare it officially part of the franchise just to set our minds at ease… :slight_smile:

I’m perfectly fine with Catalcysm remaining noncanon. The concept of the beast clashes too hard with the tone set down by Homeworld 1 (and continued in Homeworld 2, showing the original creative direction). Catalcysm tried to make Homeworld too much like Star Trek and other mainstream science fiction and I don’t miss it. Not even after a recent play through (which if anything confirmed my opinion).

Though if you look there are places Catalcysm has survived in Homeworld 2. EMP abilities in scouts, the last of the Bentusi, and even recently in Remastered… the Turanic communication logo. That double-headed broad axe only appeared in Cataclysm, not Homeworld 1.

So at best I consider Cataclysm apocryphal in Homeworld lore. The beast might have been a discovered Imperial bio-weapons program trumped up by the Somtaaw for all we know, and the Cataclysm campaign is propaganda to try making them seem important. If I were to consider the events of Cataclysm canon in any way for Homeworld, that’s the explanation I’d take. Because I refuse to accept the magical nanite bio-horror as a fixture in the Homeworld universe.

That’s entirely irrelevant, really. Whether Cataclysm is canon or not, is irrelevant.

It had, in my opinion, the superior multiplayer experience of all three games, and I realllllly want a remastered version of it.

Is it really nessicary to restart the cata debate everywhere? If someone wants to port the beast over as they were in HWC, they should be able to discuss that without having to fend off the same old complaints about cata.


some other funny/cool mechanics from cataclysm: mimics, ACVs/MCVs, ramming frigates, sentinel/defender fighters (if sphere guard formation worked). ;o

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thank you… So many years passed and it’s still the same old kindergarden… Let it go guys everybody is entitled to an opinion and free to believe what they want I for once got my own opinion about Hw2 you wanna know it then read below… It simply is irrelevant what I or others think. Important is only what the majority wants… At this point it’s to early to tell if most want a remaster or not. This forum here with all it’s vets doesn’t probably even cover 1% of the player base…

Someone could argue that the relligious crap hw2 offered was also way misplaced… Besides few name references and Kadeshi that topic never played any role in hw1 yet in 2 they threw an entire campaign about a prophecy and destiny upon us… Esspecially in the current days that is something that’s totally annoying to say the least…