Could the lost loot machine spread out the loot?

It’s a pain to sort thru the items when they are just dropped in a pile, could they spray out from the machine?

I’m thinking its proximity to the central table in the room is why it does that.

I’d prefer it if they’d just give it an interface like the Bank, that would make it so much easier to sort through things.


I like that idea, but only if the interface is a nice simple clean one!

If it did that, I’d be concerned that some of the items might promptly fall through the floor - I’ve seen reports of that happening around that end of Sanctuary.

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i think i would prefer it be more of an actual box, where instead of the loot shooting out. you can interact with it as a box. reminds me of 1 when you killed big enemies and loot would spray all over the place, and your like of feck it i am not searching for that crap.


I kind of wish they had placed it closer to the vending machine…

But having an interface for it would be easier as long as there was a quick way to trash the unwanted items in it.

Almost every space in sanctuary apart from that space I’ve had loot drop through the floor. This doesn’t seem to be an issue that gearbox can fix because it happened in all other borderlands games too. So for me I’d like it to stay as is.