Could the Switch help bring it back?


Yes there’s still players playing, so it’s not really “dead” However, lets all be realistic. Battleborn is becoming a memory now…

The chances of it being re-released onto the Switch is low, but lets talk about it lol.

If Battleborn were to be released onto the switch as it’s current F2P game, would that help bring it back? Mix in the cross play actions (Paladins is out on the Switch and it’s cross play with the Xbox version) that would certainly bring a lot of players together.

It’s just a sad thought thinking this game is over and done with, the gameplay was alright, but to think just cause this game didn’t sell well cause it released near the same month as Overwatch. We’re losing all these memorable characters.

(Darth Huggles) #2

I’d smurf on switch

Viva la toxicity

(Jennerit Supremacist) #3

I don’t think it’ll help.

(Deandes in crime ) #4

It won’t help

(PSN: SirWalrusCrow) #5

Expanding platforms won’t fix a broken reputation.

(Deandes in crime ) #6

Or broken geometry