Could The Warrior Really Wipe Out All Life On Pandora?

Replaying Borderlands 2 and TPS as the new DLC just dropped and the Handsome Collection was made free on PSN Plus (I only had a physical copy before).

Anyway, in his introductory preamble speech to “A Train To Catch”, Roland mentions that the Warrior is powerful enough to end all life on Pandora.

I do not believe this for a second.

Even if our Vault Hunters only have their basic, un Skill Tree augmented skills, I think they could defeat it, and even if our Vault Hunters WEREN’T around, there’s enough crazy baddies and life on Pandora to easily overwhelm the Warrior, I would think.

How do you guys feel about this?


That’s a good question. I’m not entirely confident in either direction. I know we could do it, but I wonder if the various Bandit groups would be organized enough to mount a proper offensive. They might be able to do it Zapp Brannigan style, by flinging themselves into the flaming maw of destruction and choking it on their corpses, but if it was actually controlled by Moderately Good Looking Johnny I’m not sure that would be enough.


The references in your reply made me guffaw, much thanks!


I mean, really, Jack had already subjugated virtually all of Pandora…was he going to start expanding outward onto other planets and systems?


Thank you. That is a damned high compliment, and I am blushing.

I know it probably wouldn’t happen, but I’d love to see Jackenstein take on the Warrior. That would be a grudge match for the ages.

Imagine the space tanker needed to carry the Warrior forth to pillage other planets and such. Or maybe he could just make a gargantuan collar like the one he slapped on Angel and Lilith and then tow it through the void. Like walking a big dog made of granite and lava.


A better question is how did brick, Roland, Mordecai and Lilith lose to Wilhelm? I don’t think I’ve ever lost to Wilhelm, besides his flying train




And Wilhelm was more like TPS Wilhelm still at that point than like Borderlands 2 Wilhelm, wasn’t he?


Bwahahahaha you’re on a roll today!

Excellent points.


There is lore, based on unused audio files in the app package, that Jack poisoned Wilhelm and weakened him prior to the fight with us V.H.'s. Antony Birch apparently confirmed this.



Forgot about that, thanks!

Be hard to end all life on Pandora when you just sit there in a cave taking a bath all day… just like whatever that thing was at the end of BL1 that just sat there and waited to die…


The reason Roland thinks this, is because he’s comparing the Warrior to the first generation of Vault Hunters (Brick, Mordy, Lilith and himself). He doesn’t know how powerful the new breed of VH’s are. So, in a sense, he’s right. The first gen of VH’s are, as I’m sure we’re all aware of by now, useless in every sense of the word. Brick is the exception, as he has the ability to actually kill stuff in BL 2. The others… well… Not so much.

It also seems that Roland lies a lot of the time, as he repeatedly has to start sentences with things like: “Honestly… I’ll be honest… To tell you the truth…”

And let’s face it… Would you trust a man who gets caught while holding his donk, and at the same time sends an echo communication? Didn’t think so! :rofl:


I mean, Lilith can teleport flying cities. Too bad she spends all her time fueling her god complex by playing bandit deity, she could actually get stuff done if she actually did something.


Mordecai can one-shot just about anything including UBAs provided he is using the explosive ammo like at the end of the Wildlife Preserve mission.
Judging from that, Wilhelm would go down in a few shots and the Warrior should not be too much of a challenge either.


Yes, but teleporting bandits seems to be above her paygrade, so to speak. I would also like to take the time and point out that when she teleports Sanctuary, you are left behind. She also manages to sever the city from the Fast Travel network. Butterfingers! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My guess is that he’s simply tossing his bottles of moonshine on those stalkers. I hear that stuff is highly volatile. In any case… He doesn’t seem to have a lot of that ammo to spare, so he uses regular ammo. Which makes him suck! And the only way that he can kill stuff with that is if you’re in FFYL, and have one enemy to get second wind off.


And she teleports Sanctuary even closer to Helios :man_facepalming:


Well, I guess it could. Pandora’s Bandits are not organized until BL3, so breaking through their camps with the Warrior and an army of robots would probably be enough imo.
See how Jack breaked through the Bloodshot Stronghold with easy, and even without the Warrior.

But I think Jack wanted the Warrior as a symbol more than anything, as he already had Pandora under his feet when we start the game.

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And while I respect your opinion I disagree. Problem is that the plot makes fools out of the original Vault Hunters. Presenting the BL 1 Vault Hunters each at least at level 69 (end of BL1) plus some years of experience and acting efficiently would make the new Vault Hunters obsolete. The storyline would then be something akin to Lilith teleported in with Brick and killed Jack. End of story. Might just make the tale a little boring.

Problem is, Hyperion by itself was obviously enough to subdue Pandora. Judging by relative strength, the forces deployed in Hero’s Pass would be sufficient to take the Warrior down, should it ever decide to slug it out with Hyperion.


The Warrior, outside of the cave, would have been bringing the lava with it. We killed both of those Vault Monsters as they were just stepping into our plane of existence. They have no idea yet what’s going on.


That reminds me of something… :whale2: :earth_americas:


Oh, no, not again