Could use some thoughts or tips on where I'm at in the game

Hi everybody! Long time lurker and have appreciated all the posts and tips in the old forum.
I thought I’d start fresh here and sign up.
Where I’m at: Lvl 65 with Sal, I’ve now into UVHM after playing through the 1st 2 levels.
Here’s my issue: I’ve always played solo, and have ‘decent’ weapons but few legendaries.
I’ve had to be many levels higher than the bosses to even have a chance in TVHM.
I still haven’t gone back to take on Voracidous and forget about Hypervious.

Currently I’ve been in UVHM and been leveling and bettering my weapons slightly in Hunter’s Grotto
and Marcus’s Mercenary going after the red chests and general battles.
I have finally been using the BEE-DPUH combo to get through most battles quickly.
Although It didn’t do much to Tinderbox and ended up having to beat him from up on the steps.
I do know how important slag is in UVHM.

My skill tree has always been good I think because of the Skill tree calculator link in the old forum.
Thank you for that!! It’s actually about 4 levels higher than where I’m at. I would think that’s good.

Now when I try to continue the story line in UVHM I still have trouble getting past Boom and Bewm,
Even tho a few times have got past but not quite to the boss.

I started the game last year in Jan, Didn’t get the DLC’s until last fall.
By then I was lvl 52 and played as TVHM and anything dropped from the bosses was worthless.
Now I can only get so far in those at UVHM until I’m stuck, That’s why I continue trying to level and better weapons.
I never knew about NOT turning in missions for various benefits like keeping a weapon, Farming ability, etc.
Things like that.

It just feels like I’ve made the game more difficult than it needed to be by just jumping in and learning along the way.
I know co-op would have helped but I’m 53 and the few people I know don’t game like I do. :smile:
But also until recently I didn’t have a mic/headphones for communication and I did try a random co-op server
for a bit but again, Not being able to communicate made it hard to get anything done.

Anyhow, Sorry about the long post. I still like the game but wonder if it’s pointless where I’m at to get anywhere further.
I don’t really want to start over at this point with Sal or another character.


Are you on Steam? My characters are all OP8; I would be down to grab leftovers from the battlefield so I don’t steamroll your game, but I think the game would scale to me in UVHM anyway. Still, if you want, I can carry you through a snag in the story missions.

Not sure about how low quality your gear is but when I run into some bad luck while leveling I find using a handful of golden keys always helps.

You could just be hitting the UVHM wall I tend to run into.

Yep I’m on Steam and I’ll keep that in mind Adabiviak.

40p, My gear is mostly purples or blues. Only legendaries are DPUH and The Bee, an older shotty and slayer of T mod.
Farming the red chests in Tinkerton yields similar to using the keys so I alternate hitting those.
Problem there is I’m not far enough in UVHM to have Sanctuary there, So I switch back to TVHM and that way I can test and compare down in the ‘shooting’ range.

I use a Moxxi Rubi (slag) in my off hand (mission Rakkaholics Anonymous), DPUH main hand, Antagonist shield (Seraph vendor Flamerock Refuge - Tiny Tina DLC), Lobbed Qaesar (Verm/Hyperius) or Homing Slag O-Neg (Pete the Invincible drop, can only farm once Campaign of Carnage DLC story missions complete), Legendary Beserker mod (Tubby/LLM farming), E-tech pistol damage relic (LLM farming). 3rd slot slag Norfleet (Verm/Hyperius) and 4th slot DPUH (switch once slagged, or in your second slot if using slag grenades). Keep Rubi equipped regardless permanent health regen even if not actually being used as long as it’s equipped. I am now OP8 but I haven’t altered much for a long time, got most stuff through trades but did you know you can reset UVHM? Have to do all story missions again, but means you can farm all the ones you want to and to keep it active just dump It without saving IMMEDIATELY after handing in (ie lung for power button), or in the case of Doctors Orders just don’t pick up and slag notes EVER. Lol

I think you just need healing, Salvador is a character that puts out a ton of damage and can have health returned when off handing a Moxxi weapon. It is all about being in Gunzerk as long as possible as that is where you are getting the most damage and survivability.
If I was you I would jump into Tina’s DLC and get to the Mines of Avarice, it might be a struggle but will be worth it, once there get Claptraps mission “The Beard Makes the Man” and DO NOT complete it. Put your DPUH in the first slot and the Grog Nozzle in the second.
Let us know how you get on.