Could We Get a Lock Feature for Gear

I don’t wanna accidentally sell any of my Lore gear like I accidentally did in the beta. So I was just bringing this up. Great game again I do greatly enjoy it.


This is a good idea. It would make sense to be able to protect loot that you can only get once.

Or do a warning that comes up. “You are about to delete a unique piece of gear that cannot be recovered. Continue??”

I’d like to mark gear as “Trash” and “Keep” or something like that. This would make Inventory management a little bit nicer, since personally that’s something I absolutely loathe…

Wanting to play but I need to spend 10 minutes in the inventory thinking about what to keep and what not to keep because I’m over encumbered. If I ever make an RPG game I’ll just give the character some magical Mary Poppins pouch with infinite space… :sweat_smile:

Good point. The ability to sell en masse would be highly beneficial. Selling things one at a time is an unnecessary inconvenience.

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Actually, they should probably put lore gear in an additional permanent slot and not allow it to be sold.

I second this request

I’m pretty sure I sold something I didn’t mean too but I’ll never know now.

Please add a lock feature!