Could we have challenges and achievements unlockable Private & Public Bots Battles, please?

The new winter update looks like it is going to be great, however I would really like it if Gearbox made it so I could unlock challenges, lore challenges and achievements in private and public bot matches because matchmaking takes to long for me and not a lot of people are playing on the platform I’m playing on (PC).

This is something we’ve wanted for a while too. The Public Bots Battles DO unlock challenges and achievements now. Private matches still do not.

There is a very important difference that we’ve been pretty adamant on for months. In private battles, you have the ability to put other players on the opposing team, and with a little coordination, achievements like Pentakill, Worthy of Song and other PvP centric big accomplishments become trivial to stage and gain, thus taking away the prestige of those stats.

We debated allowing challenges on Bots Battle for this reason too, knowing that even though AI are uncooperative, our current AI is predictable and fairly easy for experienced players to “cheese” for some of those stats. Not as easy as in a private match, but still easier than in a fully random matchmaking session.

To get to where we want, we need to refactor a large number of our challenges to give us individual control on which challenges can be completed where. The most competitive challenges would likely be moved to a special category (“Badass Challenges”, maybe?) and they would only be completable in full matchmade PvP.

We tried to get this into the Winter Update, but with so much else already on our plates, it didn’t make it. Bots Battle is part of our answer to help some of the more casual players knock out some lore challenges they haven’t been able to complete against live opponents.


Thank you for answering my question and I now understand why unlocking challenges in private matches isn’t permitted in the game. I think your idea of only having some challenges unlockable in private matches would be good and satisfy people (like me) who want to unlock challenges without going into matchmaking (which can take sometime to find players to play with).

Just leave all the titles for normal PvP queues and keep the lore challenges for Bot Battle (if it will come back, I hope). Also fix it so “participate killing Ambra/OM x times” are registered (which they are not at the moment) and give me Overgrowth in Bot Battle so I can finish Kleese´s lore! :slight_smile:


Why don’t you just ask them to just give you all the achievements lol

I’m seeing things (read: hoping)

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