Could weapon trinkets, head and body equips have stats?

I was thinking it would be neat if weapon trinkets, body and head cosmetics has stats that would drop from enemies and chests (more so) which provided stats so further boost player capabilities.

Another good idea for this would be a transmog npc on sanctuary to change the way an equipped trinket, head and body looks without touching the stats so it doesn’t interfere with player expression on how they want to look.

So what kind of stats?

Weapons trinkets would buff the all around benefits of shooting people in general with some stats being more rare.

Common stats. - Faster reload, weapon swap, faster aim down sights.

Rare stats - would be Faster reticle, faster fire rate, increased melee damage from already exsisting increased gun melee weapon damage increase.

Epic stats - life steal, more crit damage, higher accuracy.

The head and body equips would have 1 mobility mechanic and extra stats.

Mobility Mechanics I can think of are, double jumping, dashing, disabling sprint but giving big movement speed buff, a hold jump button to do a charge jump and jump higher, hover in the air for certain amount of time before falling, and what ever anyone else can think of.

basically you only have 2 slots and you get to mix and match which 2 mechanics you want to have and see what works well enough for you.

the stats for these would be

Common stats - more flat wealth, more base melee damage, more base shields.

Rare Stats - HP regen, faster sprint speed, faster shield recharge, quicker shield recharge delay, more pets damage,

Epic Stats - Faster walking speed, more base jump height, damage return to enemy shooter,

One last thing very much separate from the overall idea. Armor rating? Yes/No?

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I like the trinket idea, but I’d rather it be trinkets give the annointment to the weapon.
The head stats and body stats are a bit too much when it comes to variables to balance around I do believe.
At least, in the current state of the game.

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I agree in the current state of the game. The most I can see this being is just food for thought for Borderlands 4.

Those items are cosmetic only and should remain as such.

We already have gear gated behind DLCs, and the last thing this game needs, is more incentive for GB to add pay to win microtransactions to the game.

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