Could Wonderlands issues inform BL3 fixes?

Since it looks as though Wonderlands will be built on (at least half of) the bones of BL3, we may see some of the same issues that never got fixed in BL3 (splitscreen, UI, etc) again in WL. With these issues getting a fresh shot at being acknowledged (legitimately, not just “looking into it”, which in functionally as useful as “praying about it”), do you think there’s any chance of them “retro-adapting” WL fixes to fix the same problems in BL3? Or is that time/effort better spent on creating additional WL paid content (that will still be broken in the same ways)?


History would say yes. When the Gamefly servers were closed ending the original coop method for Borderlands they eventually moved the coop servers to be like BL2. When Shift systems were developed for Borderlands 3 allowing for Epic & Steam crossplay on PC it was passed down to BL2 and TPS.

I never bothered to see if Xbox cross play was added to BL2 and TPS. Having said that it would be a big mistake not use the install base of their most recent success to further generate hype and good will for their newest release. And Gearbox has shown that they understand that.

Initially they used Easter Eggs in Battleborn to hint towards Borderland 3. They could have continued to try and pull in Borderlands fans into that game by pursuing that further, but they didn’t. They could have reserved hype content for the VR release of Borderlands 2 to try and spike sales there. Instead the released Fight For Sanctuary BL2/ The Handsome Collection, the latter being the most recent iteration of the series on traditional platforms. They then added promotions in game for BL3. They reached back to pull us forward.

You can even make the case that going back to allowing the UPC to be promoted with their blessing was an example of this, as it introduced quality of life changes that became standard in BL3. Who’s to say these things weren’t already in place in BL3, which made it reasonable to allow modders to them into BL2? These QOL fixes even made their way into the BL1 remaster.

They may have retrofitted some of the older games with new servers and multiplayer features from newer games, but were there any problems with BL2 (for example), that carried over to TPS, got fixed there, and that fix got carried back to BL2?
Not saying it’s outside the realm of possibility, it just seems like actual FIXES to problems have become a very low priority for GBX. Easier to just press on until people give up and/or forget.

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I am firmly of the belief that the publishers (whoever is making the money and the decisions) have firmly decided to abandon BL3 and will flat out refuse to do anything different with WL. They know they’re going to still make money from people who either don’t know better or refuse to accept this fact about the industry.

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True, but it’s not like consumers being informed would make much difference. If a big dev like GBX makes a game, and people don’t like it, so they don’t buy the sequel, the devs not going to fix anything. They’re just not gonna make that game anymore. Or they’ll find a cheap way to dumb it down and market it to less discriminating consumers.

“You don’t even have to think about it bro!”

You would think that someone, anyone at this point would see the feedback BL3 has gotten since release and make adjustments where needed with the new game however since we never got those fixes in BL3 I highly doubt they are fixed in the new game. Reason I say this is some of the issues like the one you stated, split screen, for example or console stability have been an issue since release and yet here we are still discussing them or anywhere else BL3 is discussed for that matter.

BL3 sold well off the back of the previous games for sure but time will tell with Wonderlands if that good will @GBX gained will be there for the new product after how BL3 was handled. I know I will not be the only one that isn’t going to pre-order or day one purchasing it.

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