Could Zero be the doppelganger from TPS?

Could Zero be the doppelganger from TPS?

I know, sounds weird. But hear me out.

In TPS when we get the R&D area of Helios there’s stalkers and Jack makes reference to wanting to turn their camouflage ability into an asset for hyperion assassins. Long story short a working prototype is finished.

Skip forward all the way to the end of the game where jack goes crazy. We see the doppelganger want to abandon Jack. Abandon the monster he helped create.

So the doppelganger goes and steals a prototype of the cloaking device so he can hide from Hyperion when he escapes from Helios. Someone catches him in the act and to prevent it from leaking out he kills the person who saw him. Little did he know that he just murdered a high ranking member of the Hyperion political empire and it.

He rushes to a escape pod and heads for Pandora. After landing he knew that they would be looking for him eventually so he quickly began looking for a new outfit. One that can easily hide is body. After finding what eventually becomes Zero’s iconic outfit, he takes it to a Tinkerer. And asks if there was anyway to get the two items to merge.

The Doppelganger does a test on it to see if it works and sure enough it does. He also asks if the Tinkerer knows how he could find a voice modulator. The Tinkerer said something along the lines of “I’ve got one right here.” Hands him what will be Zero’s voice and tells him where he can find a surgeon to implant it for him.

After adopting the personality of Zero he hears about the new vault and doesn’t want Jack to get to it first. So he hops on the train, meets the other vault hunters, and you know the rest from here.

So what do you guys think? Do you think the Doppelganger could be Zero?

Also when he went to the surgeon, he asked to have one finger on each hand removed. That’s why zero only has 4 fingers on each hand. But this is just a theory.

One of Zero’s Echo logs states that he has been on Pandora for " a few weeks", so the time passed between TPS and BL2 is really short if he went directly to Pandora. He could have gone someplace else first to get his gear working, but how would he then know about the new vault. Both the DG’s action skill and the Hyperion assassins camo is quite different from Zero’s Deception, but I guess that too could be worked around somehow. The only thing that I can’t get around is the fact that Zero is a lot taller than Jack, and since Tim is supposed to be a bodydouble, he’s the same height as Jack.

The finger thing… It’s just a glove where he actually has two fingers in one! :grin: It’s a decoy to make people think that he’s not human.

Zero isn’t afraid of heights. He kills heights.
Zero doesn’t seem too worried about his face exploding. He uses emotes cuz their cute.
Zero doesn’t have student loans. He killed the people who gave it to him.
Zero only speaks in haiku. What college teaches you how to be cool like that?
Tim has a mom. Zero just came into existence from nothing. He’s just a number after all, an abstract concept that denotes the absence of value.

Therefore, not only is Zero not Tim, he’s not even human, or even a sentient creature. He’s the representation of the Borderlands universe’s nihilism and construct of the divine eridian overseer to destroy all human life in the 6 galaxies.

I’ll take my pay raise now GB.

It’s an interesting idea, but I feel like it goes against all the back story we know of Zero just to fit it in as a fake persona Timothy created.
Why was Timothy performing high profile assassinations? And why is he so desperate for a challenge if he just wants to get away from Jack? Why did he chose to practice Haiku?
If Timothy really is Zero this is a lot of effort and danger just to fool Jack. I think Zero’s real identity is going to harmonize a lot better with his behavior.