Couldn't find a single Public Versus match yet

In Open Beta I played several online matches but ever since game release I could not complete a single matchmaking, when, rarely, I complete 5 people on my team, I can absolutely never find even a single player to play on the enemy team.
I have read about other people from the same region (South America) post similar problems in the forums but NONE of them have been addressed so far.

As a GBX big fan I’m utterly disappointed to see South America (same for Australia) being completely and totally segregated. GBX is NOT a rookie company, you should already be aware of this problem even before launch, as matching people from nearby places exclusively will only work in Western Europe and US. I bought this game to play online, if I wanted a single player experience only I’d probably have redownloaded BL2.

GBX, can we have an answer about this instead of being treated like third-world scum?