Couldn't play broken hearts at all

really annoyed I submitted 2 tickets for being unable to play the event and didnt even get a response. was anyone having issues getting hearts to appear? I could get the hot fixes to apply and see the quest menu but nothing else. I even messed around with the enable disable to see if resetting it fixes it. But nothing.

Not seen this problem before, afaik hearts don’t spawn in the takedown and Moxxis Heist DLC only.

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why not the DLC? that’s just stupid…

best content in the game but gets locked out of the event… realy regretting buying this failure of a game…

i was doing the normal missions and arenas farming loot. so shouldnt have i seen them?

You should have seen them, yes. Everywhere except Takedown and Handsome Jackpot locations - even on Sanctuary if you had Pippie aboard (for some bizarro reason - during Bloody Harvest, Pippie actually showed up haunted on one occasion.)

was pippie the animal thing that wanders around?

Yeah, the grog that makes all those disgusting noises. You get her if you do the witch side quest on Eden-6. Which I forgot on my second character so now I have her twice over; will definitely skip on the other two!

I’ll admit I shot her when she turned up haunted, it was a reflex reaction :rofl:

Well, they did call the event broken hearts.