Countdown begins!

Less than a month to go boy and girls. Let the nerd squeeling commence!!!


AWWWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAAA BOIIIIIIIIIIII! I took 2 days off work for this. I just really hope epic users can play with steam users, or else I’ll have to wait until April and I’ll have wasted vacation days :frowning:

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Reminds me. I need to follow up with scheduling. I put in for about 4 days.

Only 31 days but it feels like with each passing day it adds atleast another 10h of “is it Sep. 13 yet?” on top.

We waited 7 years but the last 5 months also feel like 7 years… If you know what I mean :grin:

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and dont forget tomorrow we will be seeing some FL4K gameplay and see how their skill trees work and how they play. Ive been curious on their stuff for months and it finally happens.

I also cant wait to get the email saying your order has shipped.


Judging by a video description from Dantics it’s gonna be 3h ! of Athenas/FL4K gameplay none the least. Hopefully this is true.


I’m so hype yo!! Got 10 days off from work to play!