Countdown for HWRE

This is the Unnoficial Countdown for the huge comeback of the Homeworld Franchise.

  • 08 Days to Go

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I had a moment of sadness yesterday, see I’m a university student, and I have Wednesday off (no classes).

the 25th is a Wednesday, so you can imagine what the plan was!

Then I checked the steam release countdown, and well, I got timezone’d.
I live in Australia, so that means I don’t get it till the 26th, so it completely misses my day off :sob:

That is sad. Maybe you should ask gearbox to move the release date…

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It’s a good idea, but i have plans till 25th, so lets ask for delay, 28th night would be perfect :banana:

Hahahahaha yeah, I’ve had previous games that have released according to specific timezones, so global 25th of feb is 25th of feb depending on where you live, which is always nice.

Looks like gearbox are going for one big simultaneous release though, just means I have to wait another day. Pity my day off isn’t Thursday :smile:

Europe? ahahahah, thought would never come to hear that again …

Any info on when the multiplayer beta happens?

Multiplayer beta launches when the rest of the game is released.

25th of Feb, US timezone.

6pm GMT. Week Wednesday is going to be the longest day ever.

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It’s not a beta in the sense of the Halo 5 Beta, it’s a beta in the sense that the functionality isn’t final so there is some expectation of issues, and also an ongoing development for the multiplayer.

I think GBX is right on this.
The crossover MP is a bonus, no one was expecting that, at the same time it was an opportunity.
There is no point we stay one more year on something that the players can give feedback in a month. Also, if things are unbalanced, just go back to play the standard (hw1 x hw1 or hw2 x hw2). Maybe HW1 might be still unbalanced with itself. But HW2 has not changed.

We should all put up twitch or Uplay streams of our front porches so we can see exactly when they’re delivered, lol.

  • 07 Days to Go

If you can read this,
you’re cursed:
you’ll NOT SLEEP until HWRE is out.

2 LONGEST DAYS EVER !!! ahahahahah

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1 day, 18 hours, 33 minutes

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Still way to long…I want to play.

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I wonder though, will we be allowed to pre-load the game before the deadline hits? I know some companies do that.

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- 01 Day to Go All hands report to action stations. Commander to CIC. Prep the Hyper drive engines for launch. Fighters on standby… All stations report readiness within the next 24 hours. :slight_smile:


redbulls and foodsuply stocked? :wink:

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