Countdown on Duke Nukem website

Yes, I know I just made a thread… but, I’m all for getting some interest/activity spurred up.

So, the site has been started up. And, upon passing through the age gate… you are greeted with a “Happy 20th Anniversary” banner, and a countdown clock.
That is counting down to September 1st.

Now, the obvious belief is this will be a re-release of the prior Duke Nukem games. Popular rumor I’ve heard about/been told about/and known about for a bit is that DN3D will be re-released with new content.
Since the settlement of the lawsuit, all DN games (past and future) are Gearbox property, and as such were removed from STEAM.
This could see the return of those titles.
Updated, modified or with special secrets and bonuses.

I would also take an updated DNF.
But, the big hope for a lot of people is the announcement of the next official entry in the series, Duke Nukem 5.

So, what are your thoughts, opinions or wishes?
Lets discuss, debate and enjoy this build up to the return of the King.

It is a Duke3D Re-release, apparently called Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour.

The new episode seems to be about Duke traveling the world killing aliens, with a new flamethrower weapon.
Along with new Duke lines and Duke talk which Gearbox once again did not bother directing and just let JSJ do the voice on his own so it reportedly sounds flat.

In my opinion, something about the screenshots seem a bit off to me, either something is missing or Eduke32 has spoiled me.

One can only hope there’s a Duke 5 tease in here somewhere.

EDIT: Removed possible leaked images

I’m looking forward to it!

As for Duke Nukem 5, we’ll see that sometime too, possibly in a couple years. Always bet on Duke

It’s okay to discuss possible rumors and “could be” projects, but lets refrain from posting possible leaked images.

Right now I’m cautiously optimistic.

I just hope they get rid of the Bazinga line, it doesn’t belong.

As am I.
I’m hoping for the best… but as always, keeping my expectations a bit reserved.

It’s definitely the best way to approach this one.

I’m really looking forward to the “rumored” D3D re-release a lot. Hopefully they have something more for us as well, such as Duke 5.

I’d love to see - and would pay plenty for - a “Duke Nukem Forever Director’s Cut”, but I can’t see that happening any time soon. Maybe if a new series entry renews interest in the game some way down the line.

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I would fully support a Duke Nukem Forever “Director’s Cut” as well.
Updated visuals, effects and models. Improved gunplay, larger enemy encounters and firefights.

I would buy that instantly. :slight_smile:

As for the DN3D rumored re-re-re-release… I’m mixed on interested and thinking “Do I need to buy DN3D yet again?” I’ve honestly lost track of how many times I have bought it.

The hot new episode does add quite a bit of something to the equation though I’d say. I’m pumped!

Counting, I’ve only bought Duke Nukem 3D twice! Three times counting Duke Nukem 64 which was probably a gift. Got the East Meets West Collection on PC in like 98 or something, and got Megaton Edition.

So this’ll be the third time I bought Duke 3D, and the third time is the charm baby! And I think it’s just an appetizer for a Duke burger of a new game coming down the pike.

I’ve bought Duke3D 17 times physically and both digitally on Steam and
I’m just wondering how World Tour is gonna compete with the Megaton Edition, cause it’ll have to come with the Atomic Edition, Life’s a Beach, Nuclear Winter, Duke it out in DC as well as World Tour and the Steam Workshop in order for Megaton and Eduke owners to care.
There was a rumor that the World Tour Duke3D file would be encrypted to lock out modding, which will not end well for Gearbox’s already plummeting reputation.

A re release of DNF will NOT happen, DNF is done and done, a brand new Duke game is needed for Duke and bringing DNF up again to the masses will just ruin Duke’s name even more.

But I don’t believe Gearbox is creating all this hype around Duke simply for another re-re-re release of a game that 100% of the Duke Nukem fanbase already owns, so I believe they have something else to tease.

It’s still pretty sad that the first time Gearbox uses the Duke IP 5 years after releasing a 3D Realms game, is releasing another 3D Realms game, they need to hurry up and make their mark on the franchise.

I honestly don’t understand the negativity. How could it be described as sad? I’m so jazzed to be hearing Jon St. John as Duke again, a brand new episode of Duke 3D! And possibly other cool aspects of this port.

I’d like a new Duke game too, but this doesn’t conflict with the development of one. If preliminary stuff started on it even a year ago (Randy was talking about it vaguely), it’d still be a couple years off at the soonest. If you enjoy Duke 3D (I do) I don’t see why not at least think this is cool too.

Even without updated visuals, I’d love a cut with reinstated much of what was (supposedly) sacrificed because of console limitations - i.e. streamlined/simplified/cut up levels, amount of enemies, limited weapon inventory and simplified ammo management, regenerating health.

It’s not that I think such features or designs are necessarily bad, but in the case of DNF it was clearly an afterthought and forced upon them by outside factors. I have no idea how much of that was finished or near so, and how much work it would be to reinstate it, but I’d be willing to pay twice full price for that.

Other than the limited weapon inventory system messing up weapon balancing I thought the gunplay in DNF was really good, though maybe we mean different things by that.

As for a DN3D re-release: if they’ve spent time and money on it, I don’t think it is unfair to charge for it. I imagine they are aware that re-releasing shortly after pulling the quite popular Megaton Edition might cause some badwill though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some sort of special price for Megaton players. Either case, I know I will buy it (and play it) the moment I see it available.

Yeah, this is what I think too. This is an appetizer/promo. I guess we’ll know in another day.

I don’t think it is unimaginable that a successful Duke 5 could regain some interest in what I think is a flawed but at heart definitely good and innovative game. I imagine some of DNF’s debatably worst flaws wouldn’t be extremely hard to make better.

These were things actually put in place by George and 3DR long before they closed their doors. Back when they were still only working on a PC version of the title.
Things George was impressed by when he played titles like HALO and CoD2 and such. So, he wanted to use them in his game.

3DR did entertain thoughts of a console port during development, but didn’t have the means to do so and were completely focused on the PC version themselves.
It wasn’t until GBX hired Piranha Games to handle the console ports that it became reality.

Personally, I have no issues with the limited weapon system in the PC version. 4 weapons. A bunch of the weapons are rather forgettable… and so, not being able to carry them is no problem.

As for the Duke announcement…

The count down on the website actually times out while GBX are at PAX West.
Which, to me, a re-release of DN3D seems like a little bit of a weak PAX announcement. It could be all there is… but, really… let’s bring back Duke, time out a count down at PAX… and just announce a re-release of a game that’s already been released countless times. :wink:

I think there’s more going on.

I’m aware those decisions were done before GBX. George himself stated “2 weapons” were specifically done because of controllers, and other people working on the game have claimed things were cut or compressed because of mainly console memory, also under George. Unlike the weapons setup, I don’t think these things have been officially admitted, but it has come from anonymous but verified sources. It also seems feasible when considering the game’s poor performance on consoles and things such as how the levels are cut up into small parts with loading screens in between.

I know that console ports were done by Piranha after GBX taking over. But there was “always” going to be a console version; seeling a big budget, mainly-singleplayer game as a PC exclusive in that time were considered commercial suicide.
It might have been commercially necessary at the time the game was released, with the ageing consoles being the main game systems at the time, but that does not mean the game did not suffer from it.

I know it ends during that time, yes. I believe so too, that it seems a bit excessive for just a re-re-release, even with new content, and especially so considering if some “rumors” are true. But I guess we will know soon enough, now.

It’s obvious levels were cut in half to work on the consoles. Even ignoring the leaked 2009 design documents, you can play the game and tell certain levels were cut in the middle.

Jon St John posted on Facebook that he’s going to PAX as well.
So with all this hype it seems like Duke just jumped to the top of Gearbox’s priority list.

Maybe Gearbox will reveal a teaser for Duke 5 and even state that it won’t be ready till maybe 2017 or 2018 and DN3D World Tour is just something for the fanbase while they wait.

It is traditional, we got 4 full spin off games during the wait for DNF.

Though World Tour better be free or dirt cheap, cause Quake got free levels for it’s Anniversary by the devs and Gearbox charging AAA prices for this will be disgusting.

Yeah, that’s what I was referring too. Multiplatform ideology dictates all version must adapt to the lowest common denominator…

They’re not gona charge “AAA prices” for a re-release. I’d say 10-16€ tops.
Quake got a level pack that one person in another studio did, possibly in his free time, that also has no new art or other content except levels; from what I’ve heard it seems more time (=money) was spent on this.

Honestly, I’m not sure it would be in our interest as Duke fans to have it released as free. A revitalized interest in Duke is in out interest, and these days it seems to be easier to get people to play a cheap commercial product than a free one, interestingly enough.

I hope this new Duke Nukem is also getting a release on the PS Vita! :grin: