Countdown on Duke Nukem website

New episode looks cool; Allen Blum, Levelord and Lee Jackson! However, I must say I’m quite disappointed that we get a five week preorder time for such a “small” release. And as it stands, it releases just two days before Shadow Warrior 2.

I can’t believe they have the nerve to charge twice the amount of the Megaton Edition when it doesn’t even have the expansions.

They better put the Raw Duke3D back up too cause it’s said that the current Duke3D file breaks all existing mods and TCs and since it appears to be in a new updated engine with new lighting and all that doesn’t seem far fetched.

I own 17 Physical copies of Duke3D(Not including physical bundles) and both the version and Megaton Edition so Gearbox will never be able to stop me from enjoying those big mods like DNF 2013, the High Resolution Pack and such, but they’re ruining it for future buyers.

To be fair there’s not very much info on the page, regarding what is and isn’t included.

Probably you can still take the game data and use it with EDuke32, I imagine, even if you can’t run old mods in the new game version.

I sure hope they reveal that the expansions are present but I highly doubt it.

Some members are saying they might be able to modify EDuke32 to run mods with the new version, so I hope that works out.
Though on a positive note the game page does say it’ll support Steam Workshop so the Level Creator will likely be present.
This’ll be the ONLY Gearbox owned product that doesn’t entirely spit on Community Content.

I’ll likely get this version anyway cause my respect for Allen Blum, Richard Grey and Jon St John outweighs my disgust for Randy and Gearbox.

First, I will say, remember this thread is about Duke. A GBX title on the GBX forums.
And as such, it is against the rules and policies to badmouth GBX, it’s employees and affiliates.
It’s possible to discuss this title without badmouthing GBX, Randy… or anyone else related to the company and or project.

If, you cannot discuss the game without doing so, this isn’t the place for you to discuss it.

NOW, I can say… I’m interested.
The talent behind the new episode catches my eye. Mostly Allen and Levelord. Definitely draws me in.
So, I’ll be keeping an eye on this. And, price wise is pretty much what I expected when the project was first rumored. 20 bucks is a pretty standard price.
And, this doesn’t replace other versions I own… I can still play them instead if I wish.

And, the lack of the expansions doesn’t bother me one bit. The only one that’s any good is ‘Life’s a Beach’, and even it can wear thin after a while.
But, Nuclear Winter is just awful.

I’m very much excited for this! I think $15 would’ve been the sweet spot for the price, but people are underestimating the new content. Why would it cost the same or less than before? It’s got a brand new episode, and they didn’t get just anybody to make it. They got Allen Blum and Levelord, with music by Lee Jackson and new stuff from Jon St. John. And more!

I’m really excited for this, I still play Duke 3D today, and this is really gonna be cool. Plus aesthetically, the settings for these levels are very cool. This may even become one of my favorite Duke 3D episodes, let’s wait and see. And agreed with Damien that I don’t find those 3rd party 90s addons very good. This will be worth much more, comparing this to those is probably quantity versus quality.

One thing is, I hope this works with a lot of user maps that exist, especially ones from the 90s and early 2000s that fit in the original build limits at least, like the Roch series. And I wonder if this new renderer/engine supports TROR (True Room Over Room), that would be cool. Also hope this has lots of options, and the ability to turn off mouse acceleration if included, etc.

What a disappointment… I bought this game 4 times already (Megaton Edition, 3D Realms download, PS1 and the original in box) and I can play so many new levels from mods. If it was a boxed anniversary edition it might worth the 20 euros… I just want a new Duke Nukem game (I liked DNF btw : P )

I dunno… at least I hope they didn’t hire them just to work on that.

I’m ambivalent about this.

I’ve never been one for fan-made high-res texture mods, because they often lack a consistent presentation. This looks like it’s leaning more towards an authentic presentation–an attempt at upscaling, without mucking up the original intent of the visuals, which I prefer, as long as it remains consistent throughout the entire game.

That said, behind any engine upgrades, it’s still the same game. I find some parts of Duke 3D to be a grind. Some of it doesn’t age well. There’s also a lot of memorization required to grab the secrets, and if you know them all, it makes the game rather easy, with all the big health boosts and early access to weapons.

I don’t find 20 USD overpriced, but it’s certainly getting close. They are producing new content, though, and I figure employing that veteran talent costs a bit more. I do hope the original Duke 3D game data is included on PC, or returned to GoG at some point, to preserve the history of the game. It would be really interesting if the new content is compatible with the original executable, so players could fire it up on actual legacy DOS PC systems.

I have learned one thing from all this, though–after reading elsewhere on the internet, I am now aware that some Duke fans are scary hateful. You’d think this announcement killed their family, or something.

I agree with ya.
I’ve never enjoyed playing the HRP. The models ruin the games feel, the art has too many hands in it… there’s not a consistent feel throughout the art and at times, the differences can be very drastic.

So, while I did use eDuke32 before the Megaton Edition, I still just played vanilla Duke. No mods, visual upgrades. Just the base game through a source port. That’s what I wanted.

As for DN3D itself… I love Episode 1. And 3. Episode 2 is a hit and miss, there are levels I love… others I’m okay with. But nothing I outright hate. The original game is great, and can be a blast to play and replay.
But, the Atomic Edition, Episode 4… The Birth… I’m not a fan. While there are a few levels I do enjoy, as a whole I’ve always found that episode kind of a chore to play.
It’s one I never go back to and replay for fun. I only tend to bother with it when buying a new version of the game. Like the Xbox 360 LIVE version, or Megaton. I’ll play it once and done.

I’m hoping this new episode is more in line with 1 and 3. That style, tone and fun throughout the level design.

And yes, the Duke Nukem fan base is beyond being “fickle”. And, it isn’t even DNF that split them. The community has been like this since before DNF was released, but, after DNF’s release it only got worse.
GBX got involved… instant hate. GBX shut down 3DR/Interceptor’s Duke top down action game… how dare they. “They should be ashamed!” when they did nothing wrong.
And now this, you’re right… this trailer and announcement… you’d think GBX went door to door to their homes and kicked them all in the nuts.

Far too many people stopped being happy with Duke and more Duke content, and just started getting upset anytime something was done with the IP that they personally wouldn’t have done.

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I’m happy, anyway. :smile_cat:

The in-media-res drop into Hollywood Holocaust is one of my most memorable PC game experiences. Since then, I’ve always felt like action games should drop you right into the action at the start, even if it means the player might struggle with those first baddies.

If the new episode is 8 levels like the ones in the first Episode, then yeah, I’d pay $20. And they very well could be that good, or better.

It’s funny, even the most hateful of Duke fans I’ve seen seem excited about the new content, despite themselves. Imagine if it was really great, so great that we got another 8 stages as DLC…

It had to be done!!!

IGN uploaded some footage:

Here’s some stuff I noticed in the videos:

  • The video seems to be captured at 30fps, though I imagine (and hope) the game actually runs at 60fps.

  • The new engine changes a lot more than I thought it would, with the obvious additions including colored lighting and softer, more natural transitions between light and dark areas. In the enhanced engine mode, the player’s view now has proper perspective correction, fixing one of the game’s worst graphical issues (especially in the skybox department) without tainting the original art direction. So far, the new engine is my favorite new feature, and it may have sold me on an eventual purchase. I would take it over any of the improvements EDuke32 offers. In the Hollywood Holocaust video, you can see the player toggle the new engine on/off when looking at the marquee for the movie theater.

  • The vertical FOV is practically the same as the original game, with extra FOV added on the sides to make it 16:9, just like the Megaton Edition.

  • The HUD is similar to the minimal HUD used in the original game and Megaton Edition when the screen size slider is set to max, except that now, an armor count has been added. The icons and text are true to the original graphics, instead of HD reskins like the ones used in Megaton (which I really didn’t care for). Changing weapons or inventory brings up temporary on-screen overlays of the selections, although that might be console-only and/or something that can be toggled. It would be nice if the old status bar at the bottom of the screen could be restored.

  • There’s an all-new typeface for level bumps and on-screen status updates, that looks a bit like a modified version of Stencil. I imagine it’s being used for the title menu as well. It’s highly legible, which is a plus, but it’s quite a bit different from the original.

  • The medkit and first aid kit graphics have changed–all red cross symbols are gone, and they have been reworked to accommodate a new red/white pill capsule logo. I know the likely reason why they did it–the International Red Cross have asked creators to avoid misrepresenting the logo. Still, it’s another element that takes the game further away from being true to the original.

  • The remastered Duke quips sound pretty damned close to the old ones, just at a higher fidelity. Unfortunately, they do contrast with the other old sound effects, which sound a bit too compressed by comparison.

  • I can’t think of a version I’ve played or seen where the music sounded this good. It sounds like they might have run it through a Roland Sound Canvas, or an emulator that produces a similar sound.

  • The player demoing the game is clearly using a gamepad, so the jury’s still out on how classic mouse/keyboard movement stacks up when compared to the other versions. I’ve read that Megaton can have issues with mouse input latency, while EDuke32 does not. Classic Duke Nukem 3D auto-aiming seems present.

  • The rewind feature that was first seen in the Xbox 360 version of Duke Nukem 3D, then later in other versions, is also a feature in this version, in near-identical form.

One issue with the minimal hud here is no indication of keycards you’re holding. eduke does that better for example.

Other than that and the muffled sounds (pistol sounds especially bad) which I hope they fix up, nothing to complain about for me.

Yeah. I feel that if you’re going to alter the original minimal HUD to add armor, then modify it further so that the keycard portion appears dynamically, just like the inventory.

I think The Gearbox must do it like RELOAD to Duke Nukem games
1)Duke Nukem begins - Duke Nukem a part of special squard of EDF army (not a solo hero) He has a team! Then we got protogonist Team with some creepy professor -he,s name is Proton (what he wants -he wants to create their own state) He is wery smart! He has a army thousands of mercenaries The best of them is ***** also Proton creates a robot army at his factory! Our squard got the mision to destroy his factory and stop Proton! It will be a total war EDF versus Proton army and we got the special squad with our Duke in it at the first place! (I understand it,s not too smart and at the fist playce must be a gameplay not a scenario)