Countdown Playthroughs?!?

It might just be me being a looney, but has anyone else decided to do a campaign run-through in this short span between the re-release of our beloved game? I just started tonight, and currently basking in the beauty of the Great Wastelands after wiping out that horrible Taiidan border fleet that destroyed Kharak. :frowning:

As usual for me I’m not using salvage corvettes, because I really don’t like the salvage idea of stealing ships in combat aside from where it makes sense in the campaign. Plus it makes things tougher and more enjoyable for me. Lost a mixture of a dozen interceptors/scouts in this level, so things are looking good! Waiting on my resource harvesting army to finish clearing the vastness of this level before moving on. The Garden view awaits!

Good luck! Where are you now?

I played through HW1 and HW:C this weekend.

I was gonna play HW2 but I couldn’t get it to work on windows 7. It’s so odd I had no issues with HW1, but HW2 was a pain in the butt. I got 64bit os, and tried all the fun fixes to try making it work. Tried a german no-cd, made sure was patched, ran in every compatibility mode imaginable. Would go to black screen then crash on startup. I have a R9 290x, and even tried placing that nice ati driver fix into my release folder. Was pretty sad I couldn’t play it. I guess if I’m super desperate I could always install XP on a small partition just for the game. If the original version on the remaster works like it’s suppose to, then I’ll just give up on it. hw2.log said something about unable to find path blah blah\english.

Hey! I got through the Diamond Shoals, though I lost a heavy corvette there because the pilot was clearly still fresh or something… Now I’m at the dreaded prelude to the Cathedral!

Had to do some crazy camera swivelling to get my whole fleet in the picture, but I still missed the resource collectors. Anyway, wish me luck in the Garden of Kadesh! Waiting to bask in the dulcet tones of that Kadeshi ambassador’s voice. :smiley:

I had that too. For me it was solved by installing to a path with no spaces in the directory names…

The Kadeshi music makes me want to dance. I think the hardest thing about the whole Garden levels is constantly moving your capital-class ships in an oval around the needleships before it rams them. But uh, just beat the Garden! Lost six interceptors, two assault frigates, and a couple repair corvettes. My other repair ships saved everything else :stuck_out_tongue:

Whai you using interceptors corvettes4lyf

could you be a bit more specific, I’m using an r9-290 (not the 290x) and i have the same problems.

I use interceptors because they rock. :sunny:

But uh, done the Cathedral! Moving on to Sea of Lost Souls now, and hopefully I finish this before release. Namely because I want to bask in the amazing sound of Yes in the credits, which I won’t be able to unless I play it over on remastered. D:

Say hello to Khar-Toba’s sister!

That’s quite the fleet you got there, especially by mission 5. Was there really that many RU’s available for that many frigates?

At the beginning of Sea of Lost Souls at the moment. I have 20 Attack Bombers, 24 Interceptors, 10 Heavy Corvettes, 12 Multigun Corvettes, 5 Repair Corvettes, 12 Assault Frigates, 2 Support Frigates, 5 Ion Cannon Frigates, and 4 Destroyers. I had a drone frigate but it got hit in the face by one of the needleships and I didn’t bother making a new one. I also have 3 resource collectors with my controller.

So far I’ve lost probably like 20-30 interceptors, 2 frigates, 8 corvettes, and a resource collector through the campaign. Salvaging is for wimps, gotta be true to the race! I have about 1800 un-used RUs at this time.

EDIT: Sorry, I misunderstood what you said. Yeah there was enough RU’s, I also lost only like three ships on that level and they were all fighters.

This is old but I thought i’d post it anyway :wink:

I started a playthrough and only got to mission 6 before remastered came out!!! Then I started over in remastered!

Yeah, I got to Supernova Station then the release hit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I just crush goofballs in multiplayer!