Countering Deande (or, are some characters just screwed?)

I spent half an hour yesterday as Toby in Meltdown, and for pretty much all of it Deande immediately hunted me down and had me stunlocked juggling me into the air. I could occasionally boost away from her, but it’s not like she isn’t fast enough to follow, so that just delayed the inevitable. When in the air I can’t aim, and she’s too fast for him to target in the brief moment between juggles, so killing her wasn’t really an option. Is there a tactic for getting out of this that I just don’t know about?

As a more general question about the game, are some character match-ups just completely one-sided, relying on team support for defense in these situations? I can’t remember who was on my team at this point, but they definitely weren’t around to help, whoever they were playing.

Unless the Deande is using a speed boost gear, most Battleborn can just turn around and walk away from Deande (it’s annoying as hell). Deande however can capitalize on you being alone and is a master of taking out back line snipers and what not because of her Cloak/Clone and her high level of ability to 1v1, basically (after level 3) if you’re a big character or a sniper and see Deande, make sure you have a teammate nearby because she goes from phenomenal 1v1 to “Holy crap there are two of them ABORT, ABOOOOORT.” Really fast.

Sadly as Toby you are both a sniper AND a big target making you Deande food if alone. If she was running that speed gear as well then there was really nothing you could do alone. Hope this helps!!!


Yes. There are plenty of matchups that 1v1 just completely stomp one side (like Benedict vs melees).

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Yeah, I would be trying to stay away from her as Toby… Id stay away from anyone as Toby, for that matter… I suck at him


Quick melee messes up her combo, jumping and strafing puts her off as well. Unless she has attack speed gear, her juggle is easily avoidable and counterable, it just comes with experience.

I had the same problem with Gault, Attikus, and my bro had it with Toby. The idea is to quick melee her away and haul ass. Deande’s range is crap and a quick melee will break the cycle, even with movement speed and attack speed. If you are skilled enough you can quick melee into a stun arc mine and it will get her off of you.

Hope this helps.

And to answer your questions they are not one sided but they can have the big advantage. Marquis can take out Montana pretty easily while Phoeboe can just wreck Marquis. Alani can get wrecked by a good Ghalt but a Good Shane and Aurox can take down Ghalt pretty easily. But each of these characters have counters for them, though it is an uphill battle.

In melee range, yeah, Deande is going to ruin Toby’s day 10 times out of 10.

On the flip side, if you spot her at range, there’s nothing she can do but take it.(“EAT IT! EAT IT FIR EVERY MEAL!!”)

If you’re playing Toby (or Marq) try to keep an eye on your minimap, and watch out for melee characters. Deande’s stealth only lasts 8 seconds, so she can’t run all the way across to you while cloaked. Watch for her holo twin to appear near midfield (hint, it won’t try to juke your blasts) and maybe step back near your sentry if you think she’s coming for you.

As Toby, you can also get a helix to reveal stealthers when you aim down sights. Might be worth grabbing if Deande and/or SaA are giving you fits.

Side note, you can set your minimap to display the whole map at all times. It gives you a bit less detail on your exact location, but helps keep tabs on the enemy team.

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Well your first problem was playing toby… nah, but regardless, he’s the easiest battleborn to counter and a lot of people will be able to trample through all of your skills and move too fast for your base attacks.

I find that 1v1 deande with knockup is barely beatable with a lot of characters, however if you can have a team mate help, well it’s much easier. Quick melees can help somewhat too, but it doesnt save you.