Countering HW1 mass strike craft?

So I’ve noticed that some hw1 players now just mass produce strike craft early in the game to overwhelm the enemy’s resource operation and thus probably the game.

How can you counter this with Hig? I’ve micromanaged my way to success with some while others it was just too OP.

Hehe i know, i rushed you yesterday.
Spam strike craft yourself.
I see hiigaran players doing research modules and tons of collectors/refinery before get a single interceptor squadron, you wont hold any rush like that, forget the research, get only a few more collectors and get those interceptors going, on both ms and carrier, manage things in a way that you will keep producing non stop. And get defensive with the interceptors keep them near your carrier/ms and dock the damaged ones to get more ships for free.
Also plats might work.


As hiigs you have access to flak frigs and as Vaygr you have access to missile corvettes. These seem to be very good against HW1 strike craft. Best bet is to keep an eye on the enemy player to see what he is up to. You can have interceptors up way faster than a HW1 player. Don’t even need a research module and you can pump out double inties if needed. Also fight close to your carrier/mothership/refinery as those add a decent amount of anti-fighter firepower and consider docking your resource collectors when you spot them coming.

Also go on the offensive. You can harass better with a speed upgrade since you can retreat damaged squads.

Gunships is what I’d say…Since Taiidan and Kushan have non-functioning corvettes and for some reason assault frigates have carbon copies of vaygr guns you can just overwhelm them with gunship squadrons.

No counters to corvettes…means you win…

I don’t think that you can get corvettes fast enough

Heh. I hope I didn’t just quit out of frustration. Sometimes a clear defeat is a clear defeat, no point in wasting each others time.

I think corvettes will take too long and Flak frigates are defintely out of the question. I’ll just have to make a habit of building interceptors right away. In a protracted fight against hw1 strike craft, I think micromanaged hig craft will win most of the time.

Depends on which fighters. If normal interceptors - HW2 ints are faster and can heal, so they’re better. If defenders - go flaks and simply move away before you have them - defenders take a day and a half to move anywhere.

Similar to what a few said but I’ll take it a step further. I’m finding that the only way to effectively beat HW2 races is to build to counter. Some times that counter comes after, like you would normally expect, and sometimes before. Like Kadeshi said, if we see you teching and collecting, our counter is to stop you fast because you can get to any single unit faster than we can, so we must counter with a first strike.

If you are in tech and collect mode, and you notice us looking to move on you early, flip your mods and get interceptors up. Our fighters cannot compete with them. But you have nothing fast other than interceptors that can compete with our fighters. We can overwhelm your vette productions, and you won’t have flaks out fast enough to save your collectors.

If you want to quickly force a HW1 player into submission, build 2 fighter facilities right off the bat. We see that, and we are going on the defensive. We won’t even research fighter chassis.

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I have no problem 1v1 against HW2 races. If a player moves to corvettes (which are rather good against my defenders), I move to drone frigates as quickly as possible and keep pressure on. If I see another player is teching up, I usually start with a scout strike and take out at least 1 or 2 resource collectors. However, if an opponent has good micro they can take me out or at least put up a good fight. Really, my opponent just needs to not waste their ships on my units. You guys can heal squadrons. I can’t.

Intercepters will actually beat defenders. They get out before defenders, overwhelm them, and HW1 race never gets a critical mass of them, and all their collectors get kileld.

If you make 2 fighter modules, HW1 races can’t beat you. You only lose because you tried to tech against a race that can only rush someone isn’t of rushing him better with something he can’t counter.

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