Couple bugs ive noticed

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but heres a few bugs or things ive noticed that arent working correctly with this game.

  1. I cant alt-tab out of game, well i mean i can… but sometimes when i do alt - tab out to change music or something… the game will crash and i wont be able to get back into it unless i close it from task manager than start it all over again.

  2. ive noticed sometimes the game doesnt save my graphics settings. this happens a lot actually.

seems like almost every time i start battleborn i gotta change it from 4k res and windowed mode to my preferred settings.

just throwing it out there in case no1 has mentioned it yet. thank you <3

For the 1), did you try fullscreen windowed ?

hmmm, i will try that. thank you for the suggestion =)

Well from my experience most game can’t handle alt-tab very well, and that’s why I always play on windowed fullscreen. This way I NEVER have any alt-tabing problem
I can just do it freely all the time and it takes a second

I WOULD DO THAT, but my 980 gtx ti cant play this game at 4k too well, especially on some maps. im hoping driver update solves this, cuz i think my rig should at least be able to do 4k at low-medium