Couple of question. Loyalty rewards and cross saves

So I finally went out and bought a copy of BL2 for the PS3. I had originally traded in my copy of BL2 and deleted the game date from my PS3. Well I wanted to get back my Maya save and so I reinstalled the game, and did a cross transfer so I could play Maya again on the PS4.

Now here are my issues, one when I got to play it lets me select my OP level and then it says something about downloadable content not available, but when I select OK I can find nothing wrong and I know having the Handsome Collection means I have all of the DLC.

Second question is when I did a cross save I did not get any loyalty rewards.

Are there any fixes to either of these problems. The second on is the big issue, while the first is more of an annoyance. Could it possibly be because I do not have all of the DLC downloaded to my PS3? Because I am not redownloading all of that DLC.