Couple Of Questions About Gear Stacks?

I have a few questions about some gear I have.

Does Vow Of Vengeance gain stacks just on primary melee or do quick melee hits count as well?

Are stacks on gear lost upon death?

Does Codex Fragments Skill Damage stack stay, or do the stacks only build up while your taking damage and then reset?

Sorry I know some of these questions seem kind of dumb, but without visual confirmation of stacks it is hard to tell.

Thanks in advance :smile:

[quote=“Synchophade, post:1, topic:1540730, full:true”]Are stacks on gear lost upon death?

As far as I know, all stacks on all gear are lost on death. Of this, we are pretty certain. For everything else, we’re not entirely sure. We’re reasonably sure that fade after some period of time, of which we are not sure, that varies based on the item in question. The Vow of Zealous Fury (stacks attack speed when you use a skill) is generally accepted to either last until you die or be long enough that it’s trivially easy to maintain your stacks; Vow of Vengeance seems to last a few seconds since it generally has to build back up if you drop out of combat or have to run away; Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr seems to last longer than VoV but not as long as VoZF.

Based off of the ease with which you can accumulate the stacks with the Codex Fragment, my guess would be that the stacks have a duration, which is probably on par with SEoA or slightly less. You could find out pretty easily in a private PvP match (I’m lazy, which is why I haven’t).

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This one I can answer as I tested it in a private PvP. The stacks degrade very quickly, not sure on the exact time but when I tested it I let my friend’s shield fully recharge (standard delay + rate) after activating one ability and before firing off my next ability and the stacks had already reset. This could be problematic if you’re not taking a lot of damage or playing a character who you don’t want to be taking damage with (Orendi) and personally I don’t think an extra 7% skill damage is worth 1,800 shards AND being hit enough times in quick succession to activate the unique effect.

You could test the VoV by playing private PvP and having a friend on the other team stand still while you punch them and test damage numbers, I will be doing that and similar tests with The Pacifier.

Attack speed is a hard one to test, I have both the VoZF and SEoA but have never so much as used either.

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[quote=“Slif_One, post:3, topic:1540730, full:true”]Attack speed is a hard one to test, I have both the VoZF and SEoA but have never so much as used either.

Most of my characters live and die by the VoZF or SEoA in their loadout. 20% AS (since it’s pretty trivial to stack either) and 6% crit? Yes please!

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Thank you for your response! :slight_smile: I’ve seriously wondered if it was permanent for the stacks on vow of vengeance, but I guess not. Kind of sad about that, but oh well.

It’s pretty trivial to get those 10 stacks though. You just gotta hit something (and I’m pretty sure even stuff like hitting a Brute/Beastmaster’s shield counts). The only character I can think of that doesn’t stack them up crazy fast is Boldur, because his default swing is glacial and you need gobs of attack speed just to make it normal. Even then, it’s still amazing on Boldur.