Couple Questions about Loyalty Rewards

This never really mattered to me before, but now I’d like a Bullpup for a thing I’m working on so…

I’ve never once received a Bullpup. I have a BL1 and a BL2 game save. Upon character creation, I get an Ornery Smasher and 10 Moonstones. I am logged into XBL and Shift. Am I doing something wrong?


I bought the season pass for TFTB. I haven’t gotten any of the rewards. When I’ve tried to either log in to a Telltale account or create a new one in-game (multiple times), I always get the error message that the Telltale servers are down. And yet, I receive an email saying thank you for signing up. Then I verify my account, go to the Telltale website, log in, and it says I have no games linked to my account. Also, when I go to the Extras menu, all I get is a screen that says [paraphrased], “TPS rewards coming soon!,” with no option other than backing out of the screen.

Thoughts? Has this happened to anyone else?

Thx in advance!!! :blush:

Wow…gotten both sets of rewards on the PC…

You need to turn in a support ticket and ask them to look into this.

odd that you get a smasher and no bullpup. i thought you got the smasher and the bullpup for one save file and 30 moonstones for the other. my question is did you create a save file for BL1 or BL2 “AFTER” you already started TPS? if you only had one save file when you first played TPS, then there’s your problem, from my understanding.

Smasher from one BL save, Bullpup from the other. Can’t remember which for each though.

Try a Glitch Hyperion single barrel shotgun - with the right code, this is a beast.

I can confirm that you can get the smasher from BL2 and the Bullpup from BL1. I don’t know about the moonstones but they aren’t that important anyways.

Thanks guys, I submitted a support ticket. Will let you know if anything interesting happens.