Couple questions about matchmaking

  1. Is there an official reason there is no way to put yourself in queue for any kind of match, instead of having to pick one?

  2. Is there an official reason players cannot join matches in progress as an option?

  3. If there is no legitimate rank matching system due to low population, why is it set up to assemble 1 team FIRST… then a second team? Why not wait until you have 10 players, THEN mix and match to even out the ranks? Instead of putting a team together with a total of 65 ranks… and another team of near 400 ranks?

All questions have been at some point addressed by the devs, and the answers basically boil down to, “our system doesn’t allow such things in its current state and retooling it to do so would require too much work to apply in a simple fix, we’ll consider it for a long term change in the future”.

As to why they didn’t think to apply all those features from the start, hell if I know, it has proven to be a big mistake (I figure they just thought the game would have a much, much higher population that would nullify the issues the current system has).

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The first and third I agree with, but the second doesn’t work well because you make a team comps for a reason, and do you start at the same level, and are you the same characters? If not, what about the enemies who chose to counter you? Do you have the same gear? Skin and taunt? Shards? Kills and assists and minions?

I figured it wasn’t a simple fix. But it’s disheartening to hear that there is no answer on the immediate horizon. It’s frustrating that it can seem like eating 3-5 roflstomp matches for every 1 balanced match you can find.

I understand there is a bit more decided by choices of the previous player. Why can’t the server make an imprint of the character/gear loadout-- and the player that dropped gets 2 minutes to rejoin. If they don’t, it can now be opened to a new player to fill in the role? The character would be at whatever level the previous player left off, with whatever skills they picked and gear loadout they brought.

Joining game like that in-progress might not be for everyone, but I’d bet some players wouldn’t mind the mystery-box aspect of it.

It has to be a better option than essentially leaving the team shorthanded for the entire rest of the match.

Eh, still, I would hate to join a match only to be given my least favorite character (Benedict) with Multilayer and +reload speed gear. Of course that’s the worst possible scenario, but I think if that were to be included, they should be able to re select helix choices.