Couple strange glitches

I wasn’t sure where to post this, and I’m not sure if anyone has seen these two, but I was playing on Zer0 for a while clearing out Southern Shelf. Threw on the Beehawk kit to speed things up a bit, fired a few shots, then got in the turret. My Sandhawk shots continued to fire while I was in the turret which I thought was strange.

Then I switched over to Maya to do a few Southpaw runs, and she was saying Zer0’s dialogue when my shields would drop and I’d get DOT’s on me.

On the Handsome Collection on PS4.

On the Maya video, that’s actually assassin Wot’s voice. He’s always had the same voice as Zer0. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or if it’s there on purpose, but it’s always been like that. That led to a lot of theories about Zer0 being related to their group somehow, since he’s also an assassin for hire and they’re all named after numbers: Oney - one; Wot - two; Reeth - three; Rouf - four. Zer0 is supposedly assassin zero (obviously). The fact that Wot has the same voice box as him only added more fuel to that fire.

Now, the Sandhawk one is pretty weird. Never seen it happen before.

Ahh that makes some sense. I was so confused why she was saying his lines. never noticed that before. Thanks.

Yeah the sandhawk one, I’m not sure what to think.

That Sandhawk one is weird… I wonder if it’s due to you entering the turret in mid-burst fire? Too bad you couldn’t aim it with the turret :laughing: