Couple Things... Need Zane Advice/Discuss new DLC guns

So I’ve gotten pretty much all the new legendaries (except maybe 3 or 4 I haven’t found yet) from the DLC and I’m super happy with them, especially the Light Show, The Blanc, Robin’s Call, etc. the only one I’m having issues farming is the Flipper (which is one of my favorites so ugh!!!) anyways, my current Zane build is SNTNL/Barrier focused on movement for gun dmg/life steal. I’m wondering if now, with these new guns and new hot fixes, if Digi-Clone might be a better build to focus on! Thoughts?? Also comment your favorite weapons/any buffs or nerfs you noticed

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Clarifying a few things: I’ve managed to get The Flipper from Minosaur at roughly once every 8-12 runs. Not a great drop rate but certainly not the worst we’ve seen in BL3 lol.

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I’ve been running sntnl/clone and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I haven’t really felt like I’m missing anything without using barrier and the damage output of the clone now is awesome. I guess the only bummer is being without the redistributor now.


Clone and Drone is serious carnage now. I was running on M8 (didn’t want to deal with 4 modifiers) and they slaughtered everything - sometimes before I did! :laughing:


Clone with double barrel is seriously powerful right now, so if you are comfortable dropping the barrier for it I’d recommend you do so. The best gun on the Clone is currently the O.P.Q. because it is double dipping the damage scaling for its explosions, but he’s also good with the Flipper, the Light Show, the Sandhawk… He’s pretty solid with most weapons right now, outside maybe of Jakobs snipers.


Honestly, I’d switch over to a Drone/Clone build. Especially for offensive damage, and the new Clone dmg scaling, it’s doing some serious wreckage on my Zane M10 build

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run a clone and drone build. don’t spec anything into the green skill tree. Make sure you assign a point into the capstone “double agent” so the digi clone gets a copy of your best gun. He absolutely wrecks bosses and mobs with a Sandhawk and OPQ System.

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Okay, I’m gonna definitely try out that build again then, sounds like the damage scaling was favorable. I used to play clone/drone but I destroyed when I switched to barrier. But now that I’m playing m10 I feel like it would be better to do clone again. Will update with results!!

It was more than favorable, he’s completely OP so I would take advantage of it while you can. I was farming Jack’s Bot in DLC 1 last night and it only took about 5 minutes per run to kill him where in the past, it was a 15-20 minute fight. I was using the OP Q System for the clone since Jack’s Bot moves around alot and the Sandhawk isn’t effective long range.

If you have DLC 1 I would recommend farming for a new level 60 Seein’ Dead class mod and try to get one with a passive skill buffing AS damage. That’s what I was looking for last night.

I need one asap so I can run the Maliwan Takedown now and hopefully get a Redistributor. I could barely get through the Takedown on M0 but it should be cakewalk now

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There’s a checkpoint in the obsidian forest right beside the witchs house, with a toilette right beside it. I think it’s the fastest way if farming anything DLC3 related on PC.
Clones insane right now, get a transformer and a shock splash weapon and he’s basically your hard carry

I really wish the AS scaling fix had been done during the Cartel event because I really missed out on being able to get those weapons.

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No cartel weapon needed. If you get to M6 you could get a shock backburner or plaguebearer

Well, I wasn’t very clear. I got a few of the cartel weapons, but farming for them was pain and took forever due to the high difficulty of Mayhem 10. The only OP Q System I could get to drop has the stupid nova annointment while AS is active

Well the clone doesn’t get anoints, so the most important stat is the damage per shot.

I’m just saying everything is a helluva lot easier to mob and farm with the clone practically one-shotting everything lol


Yeah I’ve been doing alright on M10 with Barrier build but I hate having to hide behind something I wanna fly around and having my clone doing hella damage while I’m speed demon killing other enemies sounds great I’m just finishing up farming M10 light shows then I’m gonna respec for clone/drone

i’m sure clone barrier build is ok but the problem is all of zane’s damage out put skills and kill skills are in the drone/blue skill tree.

You pretty much have to go all in on blue and red trees to make it work. I think I had 2 or 3 points left over so I put some in the skill for shield recharge delay and rate.

Clone will use burst fire I believe, so burst fire weapons are very good with the clone. Weapons with heavy splash will be problematic though as he will shoot enemies when close, damaging himself. This can be mitigated by using a shield resistant to the splash element.

Update** Respec’d to Drone/Clone and holy wow… the buff is insanely OP right now I’m taking down M10 bosses in 1/3 of the time, you guys were 100% right!!!


Dual pets is powerful enough that you can destroy everything. Just summoning them. Forget barrier lmao.