CoV Enemies Suck

I’ve been away from this game for a couple of months now and I honestly forgot how much CoV enemies are just terrible.

The Maliwan enemies are interesting with the snipers, heavies and support troops that can undo damage that you’ve dealt and honestly I have so much fun with those enemies in the base game and the Maliwan Takedown. They’re so much fun and help me to prioritize my approach. See a heavy? Try to take him out. Then only to realize there was a nog there that gave him his whole shield back, damn. Should have taken out the nog first!

CoV enemies are just awful. Health values are super inflated and that would be fine, but once anointed join in it becomes a joke. I can’t believe anointed enemies are still the same ridiculously healthy, time consuming, teleport spamming, and health gating enemies that they are. And it wouldn’t be so bad but if you’re in a CoV area of the game, there can be 5+ of these enemies at a time. It’s just ridiculous man. There’s almost nothing less fun than trying to fight 5 or more enemies that have crazy health pools, but also can become invincible at will and then just teleport whenever, wherever they want to be. It’s insane. And they take up most of the base game. Why???

I know they’re doing they’re best and have been trying to get it right for two years now, but I really feel gearbox is not seeing the issue that a lot of CoV enemies cause. And yeah, I know a lot of it is just “git gud”, but come on. I’m sure most people can see the the problems with these enemy types. I shouldn’t have to have the most meta build to take out these base game mobs.