COV Linoge pistol

So I’ve farmed a bunch of these trying to get an anointed one without luck. Everyone I’ve seen is a Moar (x3) or a Moarr (x4). Until last night. I got a Kemik Linoge from the raid. It is a x7 variant. I haven’t got a chance to check it out yet as it was the last thing I did before calling it a night but I’m very intrigued by it. According to the Google doc of prefixes, kemik means corrosive. It is a corrosive elemental version but what makes it the x7? Anybody got any info on this?

It is probably a x2 version. So like with a double penetrating laser sploder… This is the COV version. So because each barrel shoots 3-4 projectiles you got a x7 with two barrels. It probably consumes 1 more ammo per shot as well.

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Stuck at work today and won’t be able to test until this afternoon but it’s possible that it uses more ammo. If it does it’ll be interesting to see if it’s actually better since it already shoots so fast.

I’ve had 3, 4 and 5 projectile versions, never a 7 though.

I know there’s a stock that adds shots as well as an accessory (actual part, not like ‘barrel accessory’) that adds shots but, like I said, I’ve only ever seen up to 5 - and no extra ammo required.

Pistols only get +1 bullet for +1 ammo on the x2 versions in standard weapons so it only doubles if there’s unlisted bullets. Only shotguns double their full number of shots as standard.

Still, this is a legendary so there’s always the possibility.

Ok so it must have been bugged last night because it for certain said x7. Just go on and now it says x5. Out of about 20-25 of these it’s the only one I’ve seen that was a not a x3 or x4. It’s also the only one I’ve ever seen not called moar or moarr.

Yep it’s stronger. The x5 corrosive is definitely the premier yellow bar enemy killer.