COV weapons are painful with Moze

I’ve spent the last couple days attempting to make a viable Moze build with COV weapons.

Findings!!! Meh…:sweat:

COV pistols:
The good: They have good damage.

The bad: COV pistols have such a short “heat tolerance”, (I’m going to say mag size from now on), they aren’t suitable for boss fights. With so many other options, you spend too much time “reloading” to keep your damage consistent. You basically burp a nice amount of damage, then spend around the same time fixing your weapon.

COV Assault rifles:
The good: The amount of time they can fire is incredibly better than pistols.

The bad: The base damage is lower than most of the weapons in the game. 500 damage is a joke at level 53. The “reload” is long.

COV Heavy Weapons:

The good: :cricket::cricket: (these are crickets)

The bad: Ground based damage is not effective for heavy weapons. The magazines are small. The damage produced is minimal compared to a large amount of weapons in the game. I was getting better dps out of SMG’s.

The Ugly: I ran every combination of mod and artifact I had available and could not find a build to complete with any other weapon manufacturer. At one point I had %44 increased damage with pistols and ran out of ammo against Agonizer with a corrosive pistol. I hadn’t even made it through the first phase.

COV weapons have been forgotten. With every combination I could put together or dream of, they under perform in every statistic.

Mag size on mods do not decrease the heat build up. Basically there is no increase in up time for firing COV weapons. With “click click” maxed, the damage increase was negligible.

Endless Mags reloads your backpack slowly, but it really has no effect compared to other manufacturers. Other guns can keep firing while your magazine refills. You are still under the heat limit so it’s not a viable skill. Not to mention the refill is terrible.

I’m not going to bring up the Shield of Retribution tree. :roll_eyes:


COV weapons need a large damage increase buff. The base damage needs to be the highest in the game. With how little ammo you can use before reloading, there has to be a balance of high burst damage before your “reload”.

The buff for COV weapons needs to be higher than %11 on artifacts.

Mag size buffs need to apply to the heat build up on COV weapons, or create a new mod to increase the length of time to fire your weapon before it overheats.

Endless mags needs to refill your backpack faster. COV weapons tear through ammo and you will not be able to make it through a boss fight without running out of ammo.

Splash damage could apply to COV projectiles and become useful for blaster master builds.

Increase projectile speed on COV weapons. Unless you are melee range, your target has a ton of time to liwalk away from where you were shooting. This applies to pistols. Assault rifles are in a good spot.

COV heavy weapons need to be higher damage than the ion cannon. Having to be in melee range and only being able to attack ground based targets limits the usefulness of it during fights.

I tested multiple builds addressing the problems I listed, from projectile speed to mag size and damage. I was unable to implement ANY build with Moze to justify use in any level of Mayhem. The only weapon I was unable to test was the skeksil at level 53. I have a level 50 shock version and it out performed most of the COV weapons at level 53.

I really want COV weapons to get back on track. They look awesome and need to perform at the same level as the other Manufacturers.


Chad and Brad are the best CoV weapons, I’d say. But, yeah, overall the manufacturer is underwhelming.

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Chad has a huge limit on over heating And Brad has a variable fire rate which addresses some of the issues, but they still need to be buffed over all.

The Linoge overheats much faster than what the card says. I’d say on average the one I has overheats after about 24 shots when on the card it says 39 shots. That’s a huge difference.

But the good thing about COV weapons is that they benefit with a permanent increase on the next two mag deals additional __________ anointment as long as you don’t switch weapons.

Also, mag size increase is pointless with them because the mag size is = to the amount of ammo you have. It doesn’t increase the duration of how long you can fire before the weapon breaks.

I’m not very familiar with COV weapons and Moze but I was under the impression that MOD and redistribution returned ammo to your capacity.

I do know that the saw bar and skeksil deal splash damage if you wanna give BM a try on COV guns.

Since the Bottomless Mags tree has COV related skills i think all the ammo regen skills should also cool down the overheating.

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Yep, it needs something though. You spend more time fixing your weapon than shooting it. If mag size decreased the speed at which it overheats, it would be way better. Or make a new skill. Wanna have fun? Find a fire rate cov mod and watch it go lol.

You lose the elemental damage bonus after two weapon breaks.

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Brad’s double elemental damage is more notable than its variable fire rate, IMO.

You’re right, it’s a shame ‘cause they’re fun to use…

thats because shots to break is not the same as shots to overheat.

overheating is based on the meter on the screen. shots to break is the number of shots on average until the weapon forces a “reload” (looks like a repair), regardless of heat management. the worse part is that both cool down and repair constitute reloads.

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