COV weapons + Bottomless Mags + max SDUs

So COV weapons basically contain all your available ammo for a given weapon in one mag, only needing to “reload” if you don’t manage cooldown. Forge and Redistribution both give 5% of the magazine in ammo per/second so as long as you are hitting crits for Redistribution you get 10% worth of your ammo per sec. Once you’ve upgraded your SDUs the magazine might be 1,600 or more for SMGs.

160 SMG ammo per second?!? (theoretically)
120 AR ammo per second?!? (theoretically)
Potentially more if there are Class Mods or Artifacts that boost ammo capacity.
She wouldn’t even need to manage the heat, even on something that has extreme rounds per second, just bullet hose full bore.

COV weapons will be unmatched for DPS on Moze late game, right? Has to be the endgame meta.

You’d have to manage heat, since the barrels will explode or otherwise break if you don’t, requiring you to fix them by slapping on a new barrel. This may sound alright, but if you’re in combat, every moment counts.

True, I was overlooking some aspects of how the overheating works. You could swap back and forth between 2 I suppose but that’s just admitting that I was overzealous in my op. Anyway will have to wait to get a hold of the game to playtest all of this.

In an evil star wars emperor palpatine voice.
“Hahaha. COV and bottomless mags. DO IT!”

Also in voice. Caresses copy of borderlands 3 “you want this. Don’t you?”