COV Weapons [extra characters]

Are these actually good?

I have been treating them like trash, just like Bandit weapons in BL2. I don’t feel like I’ve been missing much.

It dependd really, moze can get use out of them with one skill that increases her damage when the gun beggins to overheat

Some Legendaries are good.

But i say avoid their launchers unless you are moze with some for the road

Or fl4k with his ammo regen skill

I started out being a bit skeptical but honestly they are pretty good. I think it started with a COV fire pistol, I was using a Jakobs with high damage, you can shoot as fast as you pull the trigger and crits ricochet to another enemy, but I picked up this COV fire pistol and it is fully automatic, no mag size and it just melted enemies far faster than my Jakobs did.

I started using a COV rifle with radiation damage next and currently I am using just a plain COV rifle that fires faster and faster the closer it gets to overheating it just tears through enemies. I like the unlimited mag sizes.

Moar Lineage tends to be a good legendary.

Operates a bit like a shotty because its not very accurate, but pumps out a lot of rounds

Just pulse the triggers and they shouldnt overheat.