COV weapons what is the use?

So I’m curious if there is a cov weapon that is useful in a build or just one that is useful in general. I mean yes it has all your ammo in the magazine but you have to deal with overheating which in my opinion is worse than having to reload. So i don’t see the use other than gimmick weapons or for those collectors who have to have 1 of every weapon or 1 of every legendary.

why first of all in terms of regular guns in regular settings cov ar’s and especially pistols are super good and launchers are decent as well

if we are talking legendaries skeksil is pretty nutty even in mayhem 4 longer mags are definitely great

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I have 2 of these of my M4 Fl4k one corr and one fire, it wrecks:

Yeah the Linoge is insane. Also, the Skeksil is pretty good too but they overheat really quickly. I would imagine a crit Fl4k can absolutely destroy with the Linoge though

Both weapons above are COV pistols, and they are both great in all modes.
COV pistols are my favorite pistols in the game. Get one with a blade and your melee goes up considerably. Their elemental damge are very strong, even on the Blues and Epics.
Their ARs are really good for levelling up, but there are better options in M3 and M4.

The quest reward from the chad sidequest is almost like having an infinity. Me personally I rarely use CoV weapons because they tend to be ammo inefficient.

if you learn how to use them they can be pretty good… and the overheat doesn’t last much longer then normal reload… so if you time things right you never have to reload.

i for one don’t like most maliwan guns but i do see how good they can be in the right hands…

atm i’m more a vladof/jakobs and torgue player and some hyperion trown in (because of DLC)

Just got a Linoge today - fire at level 50. I haven’t had a reason to use it as yet. I did get a Skeksil, but it is probably around level 30, so saving it for a new start. Skeksil is a very fun weapon to use and I hope to get a leveled one eventually. Time to give Linoge a go, though in the DLC, I could have preferred a corrosive version.

There’s an annoying delay on the Linoge’s bullets. And for some reason its melee attack seems sluggish. I’ve been using one with my brawler Amara in the DLC. It eats ammo. I’ll replace it ASAP.

the skeksil is pretty easy to farm :wink:

i allways used a shock and it just shreds shields…

the linoge is pretty ammo consuming though :frowning: so for the DLC i’m using a corosive torgue weapon (had a few, on zane i found the DLC one early on and using that one on him)
probably going to farm for a corosive skeksil though haha