Covenant Pass 5/6 Even Tho 100% Zone Progress?

My Zone List shows Covenant Pass as 5 out of 6 even though when I click into it, it says 100 % Zone Progress complete.

Any idea why?

There’s not even any challenges listed for it.


Remember that mysterious crimson color mark on the wall in almost every map? u should be able to interact with them in late game, I’m having the same issue. I checked the challeng many times until I notice those marks are also tagged on the map. Although I haven’t confirm that myself, but it should be it.

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That’s not the case I deep searched the entire map looking for the 6th part of the 5/6 I’m assuming it’s an echo log I’m trying to get 100% in every area and i’m having difficulties with other areas as well. It could very well be a bug but I doubt it. If i find anything I’ll let you know!

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Has anyone figured it out yet? Trying to get 100% on Pandora but these stupid things are stopping that


Can you go check something?

First are you sure you are looking at the Zone Level, not Planet or Galaxy Level?

Not sure on PS4, but on Xbox One you click the Left Thumbstick and it tells you everything in the zone that counts towards the 100% Completion. What is listed on yours?

Covenent Pass Should have Missions 1/1, Locations 3/3, and Fast Travel Stations 1/1. There should be no Crew Challenges.

I do know that there is an area in Devil’s Razor that has a mission that is given by ClapTrap back on Sanctuary, and isn’t doable until other criteria is met. I want to say the mission is called Dance Baby.

Also, there is another area on Pandora that doesn’t become available until late in game called The Slaughter Shaft.

I have Pandora at like a 96% Completion and I still have (2) missions, (2) locations, (1) Fast Travel, (2) Eridium Writings, and (1) Red Chest left to find.

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Also, I have not seen it confirmed. But unless I am misunderstanding things…EchoLogs are not counted towards 100% Zone/Planet completion. Just what is listed when you view the list for that Zone/Planet.

The List consists of the following items, but certain Zones do not utilize all of them:

Fast Travel Stations
Eridium Writings
Red Chests
Crew Challenges

I have been working on an Excel Spreadsheet that tracks Zone/Planet Completion. So I can go in and check off what I have completed. It saves time instead of having to drill down through the Zones one at a time to see what is or isn’t completed.



Wow, thanks for the info!

How do you view how many red chests there are in an area?

If you are on the Zone Level view of the Map Menu…at least on Xbox One…you click (press down) on the Left-Thumb Stick while viewing the Zone (or Planet if you are at the Planet View). This changes the list in the upper left corner to show what all is required to complete for the Zone (or Planet if at the Planet View). With that list if you have anything listed as zero or less than the number on the right, you have not completed that item on the list.

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As I stated before, not every Zone utilizes all 6 of the list items. So there will be Zones that don’t have Crew Challenges, or a Zone might not have any Red Chests. The list only shows what is needed to 100% complete the Zone (or Planet).

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@Corvus_6 but how come when you go into the planet view of Pandora so that way it shows all zones available on Pandora and you press the dpad to the right to see Challenges, Covenant Pass says 5/6.

Just a thought…I’m thinking it has to do with mission items(IE echo log) that can only be obtained in the mission itself.


I figured something out it has to be a glitch. There are two purple marks outside the map on covenant pass the only way you can see them is by looking on the map. That must be something…

When looking at those purple icons they are vehicle place holders.15696937436012046745972372265237|666x500

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Thats where the game starts. Remember the beginning scene is in game. Thats where marcus picks you up

One thing of note on this topic is that I notice each point towards the challenges of each area add up equally to one point towards each zone objective. For example, Covenant Pass has 1 Mission, 3 Locations, and 1 Fast Travel Station equaling 5 while saying 5/6. Destroyer’s Rift however has 1 Mission, 4 Locations, 1 Fast Travel Station, 1 Eridian Writing, and 2 Red Chests equaling 9 while saying 9/10. Curiously enough, in The Great Vault area, there is only 2 Locations, yet my screen is showing 3/2.

My assumption that I’m about 95% sure of is that this is most definitely a bug to add to the already long list. Shame


its a red chest. AND its a bug. theres a red chest in the story here. if red chests count towards map completion, its this. and im assuming the bug is that the data shows theres a red chest (the chest you open as part of the mission) but the games “check list” doesnt check it off because while its not on the list, its on the map.

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I’m currently having the same issue. Game says I’m missing certain things (i.e. 5/6 like you), but the planets have me a 100%. I’m going crazy over here!

yeah join the club. It’s not very well defined. I now have galaxy progress at 100% but when I click on the left stick it tells me that I still have a couple of missions and locations missing, despite every individual zone saying that I’m at 100% and no mission marks appearing on any map. No idea where to go or what to do to complete everything. I’m guessing I might be missing a Proving Ground or Circle of Slaughter but don’t know how to find that out