Cover is ridiculous

How can a 2 foot high wall stop all damaged from a nuclear warhead?
Enemies can duck behind a little piece of concrete and recieve no damage from missiles, grenades, or any splash damage whatsoever.
Same goes for those ridiculous bruiser shields

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Probably for the same reason you can shoot same nuclear warhead at your feet and not die?

Although, I do find the bruiser shields to be annoying sometimes. I take it as a personal challenge each time I come across them to somehow get a better angle on them.





Because it’s a video game and real world logic doesn’t apply here.

Yeah, this is weird, but maybe a good a place as any to chat about strategies for getting around bruiser shields? Varying success I’ve had so far:

  • Shoot at their feet
  • Phasegrasp them
  • Iron Bear stomp, then shoot
  • Grenades with high knockback (get them to flail).

I have not yet tried mortar fire from a Vladof weapon. :thinking:

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I agree. I know this is a video game, but certain things just completely break your immersion in a game and this is one of them. It feels like I’m playing a Playstation 1 game when a nuke can’t effect enemies behind a parking barrier.

Besides, unless you’re playing Moze, heavy weapons and most splash damage in the game is underwhelming. Being able to hit targets in cover would give splash damage an advantage in certain situations.

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That was my go-to for armored Nomads in BL2 (splash would go through their door, and/or would cause them to flinch, opening them up for a shot). It’s a bit more interesting combat now that the door is nigh impenetrable, as it forces us to figure out ways around it. If it was a force field, made of , ‘whatever indestructible element vault keys are made of’, or something else that makes more sense, that’s just how it’s drawn; the tactics remain the same.

Atlas tracker puck bypasses bruiser shields, this can allow you to lock onto their heads and shoot over their shields, otherwise go for the feet. That shield will not protect them from elemental procs on their feet.

So Atlas does come in elements (or are you picking up elements from a character skill)? Not that either way doesn’t work, I just haven’t seen an elemental Atlas yet.

Darts may be easier to nail them in the head if only because they fly faster? Those guys do move around enough that I’d have a hard time headshotting them with the puck at distance (for certain values of distance here).

The Bruisers are annoying as hell - even a direkt rocket hit doesnt concern them! But they are no match for Grenades or Alien Shotties with high elemental damage.
I found a blue alien shotgun with shock damage - on moze I can 1 or 2 Shot bruisers on Mahyem1 with this toy.

If you are playing close range, a melee shot will stun them and knock their shield up too

I like my thin aluminium foil cover when i have 4 badasses shooting rockets at me tho

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Atlas is non-elemental. I think the person you quoted gave 2 different options but the sentence structure got misinterpreted by us.

Yeah looks like they meant either us Atlas with tracker pucks, or switch to an elemental weapon and shoot the Bruiser in the foot and make him dance! (Sorry couldn’t help the generic old western movie reference.)

Apologies if my post was unclear. I was providing two different options, Atlas is normally non elemental. However, they can get anointed perks to add elemental damage to them. In my case I have an anointed Q system that adds 50 percent radiation damage to the next two magazines after action skill ends. That gun is mean as hell.

Quasar pulls at them kinda staggering effect then torgue that bad boy down. Works on anointed tele some times too.

I don’t like that a Maniac can quickly destroy Iron Bear with a stick, but what can you do.

I’m also super goddamn annoyed at the ESP enemies have, it’s Warframe levels of BS. Using a hit-scan weapon, the enemy is unaware, and magically the enemy sidesteps a split second after I pull the trigger. Nonsense.

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