Covid Fund Raiser from GB

Will GB promote a Covid fund raiser? Maybe like a trinket or skin pack where the proceeds will go to people who are affected by it or whomever needs it.

Just a suggestion by the way.


Just a flu that’s killing significantly more of the people who catch it than the regular flu. Yah no, it’s not just the flu. Let’s not go spreading fud, eh?

Definitely seeing some positive things for those affected by suspension of sports and other events:


More BL time too :grinning:

It also ain’t nearly Captain Trips. The hysteria may be more problematic than projected death tolls.

Numbers are in flux, but currently at least 10x higher than seasonal flu? The biggest concern is how easily the virus is spreading between people - it’s doing so far more than previous coronoviruses that had jumped from animals to humans. Rates for those with higher risk factors are also worse than seasonal flu.


“No, Coronavirus Isn’t ‘Just Like The Flu’. Here Are The Very Important Differences”

“COVID-19, the illness caused by coronavirus, proves deadly in around 3.5 percent of confirmed cases. While this is not the same as its mortality rate, given many people may be infected but not realise it, it is significantly higher than seasonal flu, which typically kills 0.1 percent of patients.”

“Disease experts estimate that each COVID-19 sufferer infects between two to 3 others. That’s a reproduction rate up to twice as high as seasonal flu, which typically infects 1.3 new people for each patient.”

So it is about 35 times more deadly, spreads twice as quickly, and has no vaccine.

We don’t need to panic, but being dismissive is in defiance of the facts.


Perfectly said.


I work in the medical field, it’s very mild if your not immunocompromized or elderly and weak. come on people, transmission rates yadayada, the mortality rateof young healthy individuals it’s what’s really important. people and their aseptic understanding is the problem, not the virus. my question to all of you is, how many times have you been in a public restroom and seen someone either not wash their hands or just splash a little water and use a towel then walk out. maybe many of you are guilty of that same thing. I rest my case, until all the fools who think it’s OK to not wash you hands on a regular basis start doing so, the virus will spread like it is now. I have come in direct contact with at least 7 or 8 covid pt’s over the last few weeks and am fine, so calm yourselves.

lol, it’s not fud. cdc knows people are not clean and don’t hardly wash their hands and do other things to stop the spread of disease. so instead of educating and trying to alter people behaviors, they put people in lockdown. the hysteria is on purpose to protect most laymens. it’s easier to do that than try to change human behaviors if they want to quell the spread. make sense now?

Keeop safe and stay indoors everyone, we in :philippines: is under enhanced community quarantine.


It honestly scares me if you are actually working in the medical field. You think the only important stat is the mortality rate of young, healthy individuals? Not that young, healthy individuals can be asymptomatic carriers of a deadly virus without even realizing it? A virus with no vaccine or treatment? Please let everyone know where you work in the medical field so we can steer clear of anyplace you might work.


ah, the panic. it’s shouldn’t scare you if you happened to read that I myself have been around several covid pt’s and am doing just fine. means I know what I’m doing, and to be honest with you, most people in the Healthcare realm feel the same as I as we live it everyday. most people don’t even cover their coughs or sneezes, those are the people to be afraid of. :roll_eyes:

Tell that to the 6 out of 6 80 year olds in a nursing home that died in my small town after likely being infected by healthcare workers or family who they themselves were probably ‘just fine’. Schools across the country don’t just shut down lightly for no reason. Forget all the experts who are all saying it is in fact a big deal, no let’s listen to medical workers who are ‘just fine’.


So giving out bad, dismissive info = not panicking? That sounds brilliant.

It doesn’t take a medical degree to look at the known info we already have from various countries to see what is working and what isn’t. Italy had an attitude like you are expressing and their new case numbers and deaths are skyrocketing. South Korea jumped on the issue immediately and addressed the issue in a serious, organized way and they never saw a huge spike and their new cases are already in decline. Guess which trajectory the U.S.A is on? But maybe just don’t worry about it… :roll_eyes:


that’s my point, even people in Healthcare don’t follow good asceptic techniques. ESPECIALLY people who work in homes for the elderly. that is why they’re is a lockdown going on, you can’t change bad behaviors. simple

I agree, that locking people down is the only way, and the examples I have stated for doing so still stand. I’m glad we are in agreement on that point. like I said, major behavioral modification of millions of people is less effective in this situation than simply creating a little panic and keeping people indoors.

I hope to god people working in the medical field are a lot smarter than you sound. Jesus christ. You sound like you should be working at maybe Costco or something where you can do minimal damage to others.


The thing is if the virus wasn’t a big deal as you claimed originally, there would be no reason to do lockdowns or anything would there? I don’t know about where you live, but around here they don’t shut down all schools in the state for a full month for the “yearly” flu, yet for this they have.


Yeah, that’s because it IS a big deal. It’s insane to act like this isn’t a big deal. There is probably no stopping the eventual spread of this to most people over time but if we don’t stop a huge spike from happening many more people will die because we don’t have capacity to deal with that. It’s highly irresponsible for someone in the “medical field” (if that is even true) to act like this is not a big deal or just like the flu. If we hadn’t acted like that for weeks to start with maybe it could have been contained better.


you guys are not reading what I’m saying, they need to slow the spread because people don’t practice the simple things like washing their hands, covering their cough, or covering their sneezes. instead of educating people to change their ingrained behaviors it’s easier to lock people down. how much more simple do I need to put it? and also, there is no need for insults here, if you can’t have an educated discussion without insults maybe you’re the one working at Costco. until we can be civil I will not engage in online keyboard warrior bs. I’m merely trying to tell you why the cdc is doing what they are doing.