CPU temperature & GPU noises

My bf & I are experiencing unusual high CPU temperatures. The temp goes above 90 °C and the GPU makes strange noises. We tried different methods from both the steam and gearbox forums but none of the methods have helped (turning on V-Sync, enabling tripple buffering, etc.)

My specs:

GTX 960


My bf:

GTX 1080


This problem only occurs with BL3. We tested it on BL2, Ark & GTA V and all of them worked without any issues or noises.

thats odd. my i7 4790k stays at around 58c in game. playing at 144hz. what cooler are you running?

It turns out that the CPU was acting somehow weird, but it’s normal now. The current problem is that as soon as you boot the game and the AMD logo disappears, the GPU starts making a sound. As soon as you exit the game, the sound stops. Not too sure what the issue might be here.

That’s called Coil Whine. Not much you can do about coil whine, that’s a hardware issue.

Its your cpu, im playing with i7 7700k oc and the game only use 40% of it.

That must be it. Thank you so much!