CR 100 and the wasted XP


First of all, I know that not that many people are CR 100 as of now (I at least see them only from time to time)…
Still, it seems kinda odd to have Challenges that give me CR-XP, after reaching 100.
There should be something this should go into.
Either convert a portion of the XP into extra Credits, or maybe add Legendary Lootpacks for a high amount of XP (like ~10 -20 level worth of XP).
Or come up with other ideas - but PLEASE give me something of use for those challenges. :expressionless:

ty for your attention

Worst thing is that I don’t really feel like playing certain characters since I have them max character rank (15) while also being max Command Rank (100). I feel like I’m wasting my time playing and getting no XP of any kind by playing my favorite characters.

I hope they find a way to compensate people who are capped in Command and/or Character.


There’s already a thread about this that you might want to post your ideas in: