CR, Galilea/Miko/Reyna, Tiers all don't necessarily mean anything

I understand that one match may not mean much, but this is the most blatant proof that can prove everyone I’ve seen so far wrong. I will start to add screenshots as I come across them though.

In this game:
-My team was at a 4v5 from the start
-Enemy team had Miko/Reyna/Galilea
-Enemy team had command ranks 71, 64, 43, 36, 59 while my team had 84 (me), 62, 29, 47, 17
-My team consisted of Caldarius, Toby, and Deande, all considered “C” Level tier by most, while Ambra is still deemed unusable by some, or unable to get kills while supporting. (I had 17 kills with 16 assists)
-Pre-Made Group of 3 on the enemy team, none on my team, I was playing solo also

Overall, most likely these were all just bad players or people that may have not been using their mains, but I’d assume that they would still be able to hold their ground given the circumstances.

I understand people leaving definitely is a problem, but complaints about character balance/unblanaced teams/Tiers/Pre-makes are very unwarranted and are just really bothering me. I don’t understand how people are able to exaggerate on so much that they find is at fault with this game, and it concerns me that Gearbox might listen to those that are vocal much more

If you aren’t vocal then they can’t listen to you.

Everyone has an opinion. You can’t control what they say.

Command levels have nothing to do with how well you play or how powerful your Hero is.

This is almost certainly the case and thus your screenshot has functionally zero relation to the state of game balance.

If the message is “stick around in the face of what is 95% likely going to be a curbstomp battle, because there’s a 5% chance that the scenario staring you in the face isn’t what you think it is”, well, message received.

I don’t really ever ragequit personally, but considering what usually happens, I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wasting 15+ minutes of their time or avoiding having an incredibly non-fun experience when faced with what you saw (though I’d be annoyed). What you saw is so un-representative of the reality of the game that it’s not something to bank on.

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That was my point about command level exactly though. So many claim that they get unfair matches because it’s level 30s vs 90s etc.

Also, this has happened a number of times and is why I said I would try to get more screenshots

While Gearbox does listen to the people who bring them feedback, they also check the numbers. All of that data they record from all of the matches and story missions gets sifted through. They use that data to verify what people have been telling them. People have complained about a lot of things and Gearbox has replied that the numbers simply don’t support their claims. In other cases the data does back it up. Gearbox also waits to make changes as in many cases it’s simply a matter of not enough people knowing how to use the characters well yet.

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That’s definitely reassuring to hear