Cr4ps damage glitch?

Does aone know what causes this electronical effect? Every time I get it I do 2x+ damage.

because the gun shoot 5 bullet sometimes maybe

Do you have an action skill end 50% bonus shock damage item equipped?

Yes, but its happened when I’ve only had cryo annoint equiped as well. I believe before I even had one of them it would happen too. To me it almost seems like if I jump out of iron bear and land on a sloped surface in a particular way and start shoot at a precise time, the game applys the guns dot damage to every pellet. Unless the cr4ps or that boss fight has some hidden effect. Haven’t got the effect any were else, though I’ve only really used this gun against fab and jackbot.

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I think I figured it out. The effect happens when you get the 5 pellet proc. If I activate some for the road and the next round loaded is a 5 pellet shot, every free bee some for the road shot will also be a 5 pellet shot. Now to figure out how to manipulate the next round in your mag to be a 5 pellet shot.

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Well that’s the closest thing to a Salvador combo I’ve seen in this game yet.

I just spent two hours trying to find a way to manipulate the bullet. I found a way to do it outside combat every time, but when your in combat it just does random stuff, like not working at all or only getting the 4 pellets for 2 seconds instead of the full five seconds. I just gave up.


Shoot untill you get 4 pellets, do not fire again.

Immediately jump into ironbear and shoot the basic granade launcher 3 times to setup up cloud of leads free shot

Jump out and you will get 5 seconds of 4 pellets

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