Crack shot or hot lead?

So far I’m just shy of lvl 20 and I’ve been focused on riflewomen tree, aside from one point in law. But I had a question about a few skills I was hoping to have some light shed on em.

I got down to the choice between hot lead ( which I can see synergize with tombstone, but not really be too useful. Does it do enough dmg to matter?)

And the crack shot, which I’m more drawn to. With each point in it, improves your chance of one shotting them and getting some AOE dmg.

Then there is trick shot…overall it doesn’t sound very usefuL. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks guys

The choice between crack shot and hot lead is mainly dependent on your gear.

Hot lead only works with non elemental, while crack shot is at it’s best with guns that have small mags.

And trick shot is easily one of Nisha’s best skill. Not only does it corrects your shortcomings with aim, but it also makes shotgun spread less of an issue.

Hard to tell what kinda guns I want now. I’m at the broken part of the game where I got the vibra pulse and that thing melts faces for a few levels. Lol

I really am interested in the FtH tree over rifle woman . I feel that RF tree has lots of crap skills early, but amazing ones later. While FtH is pretty well spread out.

starting off, which tree is better?

RW has OK skills early on, and great skills later, while FTH is top heavy. Overall, if I had to never use one of the trees, I would keep RW. Pick Order, then move to RW. If you don’t know what kind of guns to use, pick BFGrit, then Quick shot, then FFOB, then impatience, then, depending on your gun, either unchained or crack shot. Then split between trick shot and tombstone, then Unforgiven, then max out tombstone.

Don’t forget L&O.
Even if you don’t play melee, having 12 points in there to pick the first 3 skills in the middle does wonders for your survivability. Just buy the first row, then put 4 points in wanted, then buy the 3 skills in the middle.

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Thanks for such a detailed breakdown. Right now I tend to run a cryogenic sniper, Jacobs shot gun, Jacobs pistols for showdown and then anything else.

Why no hot lead? Is it kind of a gear dependant skill? From what I hear, it doesn’t matter a whole lot, as long as you get tombstone lol.

Looking at the skills, it looks liike hot lead can pair nice with tombstone for the crits. I just wasn’t sure if the dmg from crack shot supraceeded the dmg from hot lead.

Hot lead requires a non-elemental weapon, while crack shot is a bit more versatile. When you reach end game, it becomes an interesting debate, but as you level up, you have less control over your gear, so you might as well go for the one that always work.

Interesting and true. Only lvl 19 i have a wide variety of gear, but maybe only 1 or 2 good ones. Thanks, I’ll take your advice!

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So, just got the e-gun…holy crap, that with hot lead and tombstone just slice through mobs like a hot knife through cheese.
Thinking of putting 1 in crack shot, 5 in hot lead , 5 tombstone and 5 in trick shot. Then onto middle tree…not sure if ruthless ( first skill in middle tree?) Actually makes a diff, but ruthless seems good.

I was never able to trigger hot lead with the E-gun.

Killing them too fast? Lol

Nope. Burn DoTs don’t appear, even if I keep perma-critting the test dummy.

Hmm. Bug? I " think" I see them burn before they go down. There is no way it first proc.

You sure there’s orange numbers and fire on the targets? If not, that’s just the E-gun’s own high fire rate.

Something else worth mentioning, isn’t Hot Lead a wasted skill if not in atmosphere? Burn dots will not proc if not in an oxygen rich environment. Also in later playthrough burn dmg is less effective on many enemies due to resistances, shields, and armor. Hopefully one of the gurus can correct me if im wrong.

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Hot lead does 2 things. It adds 25% of your gun damage as fire damage, AND can start a DoT. Even without the DoT, you still get 25% free damage so to say. Of course, on shields and armor, that 25% gets reduced by the according penalties (only 10% instead of 25% damage on shields, and 20% on armor).

The DoT is a bonus if it happens, esp. since it can crit with tombstone, too.


Thank you all very much for the infornation about these two skills. Very much appreciated!

Actually, in later difficulties, fire damage is MORE effective. Sure, it still sucks on armor and shields, but on flesh, it goes from x1.5 in normal, to x1.75 in TVHM, to x2.0 in UVHM.

On flesh targets, that 25% becomes 50% in UVHM. And like @Ha_Na said, that doesn’t even include the DoT that it adds on top if you’re in an atmosphere.


Thank you for the responses, all points I had not considered.