Crader's EM-P5 SMG

Playing as Amara at level 72 on PC and at long last I managed to get an Adapting Disciplined Crader’s EM-P5 smg. The stats are 15159 x 2 damage, 2 per shot, mayhem 10, mag size 18 and 12.13/s fire rate. This gun could have been brilliant and devastating at the same time. But because of the low mag size I am constantly reloading. I spend more time reloading than actually firing rounds. If ever a weapon needed a bigger mag size it’s the EM-P5. Get a Redistributor smg as it is far superior.

Or if you want another super cool dahl smg : Kaoson.

Crader EMP-5 is more a utility gun as it increases your movement speed.


Wotan drops redistributers right and left