Crafting Legedaries

Craft a legendary any level range. Deconstruct weapon. Weapons give a shard of one chosen stat for level range they fall into ie- 1-10/11-20/21-30/31-40/41-50/ etc. Figure out a good grind and max stats a weapon can have, not that one has to grind max stats. Figure out how many goodies that can be added to weapon ie zoom, explosive etc. Figure good weapon 100 plus deconstructs. 200 or 300 for BADASSERY! Also craftable vehicles by hunting down other vehicles. This could lead to a huge pvp zone option, plus a Borderlands MMO should be in contemplation. 5th comment is far simpler method now that I thought of it.

This was already suggested and a lot of hardcore, oldie BL players didn’t like it. So the answer is no (not my response)

Really? I’ve heard almost universal praise for some sort of crafting/re-parting/re-leveling system since a few years after BL2 was released anyway (comes up every so often as a new/revisited idea).

This is not a game where you should be able to craft gear and this has been suggested and denied by a large portion of Old school players including myself. As a gearbox dev once said, you can craft the best weapon in the game but then you have nothing left to do. This is Borderlands not the Division and me and many other players do not want crafting in it. If you want crafting in a game go elsewere…

Or a crafting npc that you pay to craft it for you. Expense based on level, quality, and amount of stats added with max of each stat on item in mind. Like if a pistol at 15 has a max damage of 100, well up to 70 would be fair in expense, but the last 30 percent for each stat would be very expensive. This would be easier than player crafting. Banking money that would be safe from death penalty would be wise as well, especially with this type of set up.