Crafting The Ultimate Character

Ok, so, using only abilities available to our current line up of Heroes, and giving rgus theoretical character about the same amount of skills / abilities as the current BBs, what would an ultimate Battleborn character or characters be like?

Also, if you want to take it further, what would they look like, how big or small wouod they be, name, faction, backstory, best gear, etc.


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kleese enegy rifts with ghalts hook with a helix choice giving rift network

ISIC’s RW and ult, with Boldur’s self heal, and Montana’s Hailstorm…unstoppable. :slight_smile:

Orendis pillar, Galilea’s desecrate, Marquis gun and Boldurs ult (don’t ask me about the logistics of that.) Thorns jump, Orendis movement speed and hitbox. Caldarius passive. Galilea’s helix (shooting at full health shoots pistol shots at level 3). Eldrid (arguably strongest faction.) Has the same colors as a stealthed shayne.
I’ve thought about this before.

Hitbox: Orendi (I think she’s the smallest, right?)
Health: Monty.
Shield: Shane & Aurox.
Speed: Who IS fastest? Orendi? Rath? Miko? Caldy?

Primary fire: Monty’s Minigun (originally said Bindlebane, but realized with the below, no zoom available.)
Secondary fire: Ekkuni Greatshield.

Quick Melee: I’m not sure if there is one that’s superior? I always felt like WF’s was easy to score crits with, but have no confirmation.
Sprint Melee: Mellka’s slide-kick.
Caldarius’ directional double-jump.

Skill 1: Blight or Shadowfire Pillar.
Skill 2: Biosynthesis (who needs healers?)

Ultimate: Paradigm Shift or Wrath of the Wild?

Passive: Genetic Syphon or Combat Rhythm.

Or, y’know… just give Galilea Pendles’ Corner Sneak. Worst BB to face ever.

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