Cramerax builds (spoilers inside certainly possible)

There was a thread on the old forums with good builds for killing Crawmerax. But the thread used a skill calculator that’s now down. I’m currently trying to hunt Craw in solo as a siren and I’m looking for suggestions for hitting his back.

Which weapons can be used to hit his back from the hiding place?

What is the best way to use ricochet to hit his back? And what types of guns work best for this?

What siren builds do you suggest for killing him?

I’ve been trying the hidey place method and I can easily kill all the crits from there with at least 500 smg ammo left. But I have only managed to his back once from the hiding place. I used a rocket launcher, perhaps the mongrul? But it’s very hard to get that to be consistent.

I’ve also been trying the dodge between the pillars technique. I managed to hit his back a few times but I’m mostly just fighting to stay alive it seems.

I’m thinking it might be best to fight him between the pillars until I kill the back crit spot and then try to hide in the spot on the left. That way I do the hardest part first. I also haven’t settled on what would be the best weapon to damage his back while fighting between the pillars. A shotgun? A sniper? A pistol? My main damage type (SMG 2x stinger)?

As far as the worms go I can kill and revive from any of them as long as they stick around long enough near me. I have a defiler, a thunderstorm, a hellfire, a crux, some shock repeaters and snipers, and a bunch of other decent stuff.

My two guns of choice were a Dahl masher paired with the Dahl loyalty com and a Torgue anarchy. Was usually able to make pretty quick work of the back crit spot (and the others as well) with either. Been awhile, though, and don’t remember the lilith build I was using.

The number one best method for getting the back crit spot is at the very beginning of the match.

The moment you rise into the battlefield do not shoot him at all! Dart to the right side of the map by the arcs. He will continue to move to your starting location at which point will expose his back critical spot long enough to take it out. Try not to worry about any enemies IF possible, but if you have to kill any kill them as you are running to position.


I can solo TerraMorphus in BL2 with any class. I use the rock near the exit gate and I leave the rock when he gets too close. Then I have to survive long enough to get back to it. And I can solo BL2 pyro pete with Krieg’s bloodsplosion (I hope they didn’t nerf anything towards the end, I didn’t pay much attention to the patches towards the end). I can also solo the dragons in BL2’s DLC4, using two different classes.

So I feel like I should be able to get Crawmerax eventually. I’ll try your strategy next. Sometimes it seems like he’s like “hey, check out my back, wouldn’t you like to shoot it?” And also the worms are often like, “hey guys, let’s cut him a break for a few minutes”. I just need those two things to coincide often enough.

Should I phasewalk to the right part of the arch? Or just run like hell?

With lilith there is a much easier way to get his back. First get a good anarchy or Dahl masher as said above. When craw goes underground before he does his big jump, phasewalk behind him, he will do his big jump, when he comes back up he will pause jut long enough for you to get his spot. That’s the main way I’ve always done it.

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No because they will cause his AI to shutdown until you reappear and then it resets. I think he does his turn left them turn right and then he dashes at you. I’ve seen videos of people phase walking after the first turn and it causes it him turn all the way around but I have no experience with that so I don’t recommend it for that reason. Maybe look into that I guess.

Just simply running to the right path is the easiest way. It’s a gaurentee back shot every time as long as you don’t get close to the archs and change his course

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Ok. I respecc’d. I realized a couple things. The bottom of her skill trees aren’t that useful here.

  1. phasewalk is her best asset, maximize the hell out of it. use a classmod to shorten the cooldown. Put points in anything that can get phasewalk ready before you need it.

  2. put points in critical hit increases, bullet speed, gun damage, etc… DPS

  3. movement speed.

  4. masher pistol is wonderful

  5. health regen and shield regen are important of course. Damage resistance also good.

So my build looks something like this:

For longevity, in case this site goes down:
Diva 5
Inner Glow 5
Hard to Get 5
Girl Power 5
Quicksilver 5
Spark 5
Resillience 5
Intuition 5
Phoenix 1
Slayer 5
Silent Resolve 5
Hit & Run 5
High Velocity 5
Blackout 5

And that leaves you a couple extra points.

My strategy. I ran to the right. Mostly trying to avoid anything at first. But I also don’t mind taking out a worm if I need to. I try to get my back to a pillar. There are effectively 3 rocks to work with. Kill anything closeby or phasewalk to the opposite side of the map (to the other rock).

Once you have your back to a pillar, health and shield up, and action skill ready again, creep around the pillar with a masher and shoot craw’s back spot. Sometimes you get multiple hits in. Keep your distance. Keep on one side of the rocks from him. Use phasewalk to bail to the other side when needed. Repeat. You have so much time with this build to run and position. If you want to, especially after killing his back crit spot, go back to the hidey spot and finish him off.

For the other guntypes. SMG hellfire. Electric pistol. Vitrolic Crux shotgun. The craw damaging gun again is Masher pistol.

This fight now feels like it was MADE for a Lilith.

Here’s the build on the 2k games site which only goes to 50 points for some reason.

I should also say, that now that I did try this idea, I totally dance around Crawmerax and the fight is definitely way more fair and fun now. I much prefer this to the two player hidey crevice left and hidey crevice right method.

So I got my first solo kill on him today. And on the metro no less.

edit: And a second kill. No crevice at all that time.

I’d drop these skills

And silent resolve down to at least 3.

Resilience does nothing against craw and his minions. Phoenix isn’t that great against anything but the green worms and you’ll phasewalk the duration of Pheonix out anyways and the saved ammo isn’t all that great. I’d put points into enforcer because the accuracy buff is very good and the damage buff isn’t something to frown on either.

Silent resolve at 3 is plenty to survive anything craw attacks especially the one the throws you in the air. Use a high capacity shield! Diva buffs better with higher capacitys, girl power stacks like crazy and buffs your shields better with higher capacitys as well. Silent resolve isn’t even needed really. Just a safety measure after phasewalking.

Use a mercenary class mod with ammo regen. They are easy to find. Hit up Zeds vending machines often. They show up all the time. Use a difiler revolver or the crux you have doesn’t really matter. Use an anarchy SMG if you have one. If not your masher is the best bet.

Also, my remaining points I put into mind games just for an extra edge. It’s not necessary but it does slow down the craw maggots and armored worms. I don’t think it slows down green worms.

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Some of those changes you suggest are closer to what I was doing before. I might try some of them regardless. The one point in pheonix, though, is because my classmod boosts it. I was using an SMG damage booster class mod the whole game but I found that I really needed phasewalk more often. So, cooldown rate became more important. Also, I was using a defiler but it’s kind of low level now. The crux seemed to be working out better for me. Lastly I was using a double anarchy before the masher. I figured I’d just spam him with bullets when creeping around the rock. But when I switched to the masher it just seemed to go faster that way.

Basically I found that I need to survive more than needing to do more damage.

Here is how I was farming Crawmerax a few years ago :

My build :

My Stuff :

  • Mercenary Class Mod with SMG Ammo Regeneration (29 is the best you’ll find) and SMG Damage +61%, with High Velocity main bonus and QuickSilver/GirlPower.
  • Torgue Muscleman Shield (60% Health boost)
  • Transfusion Grenade Mod
  • Double Anarchy (for Craw’s Crit Spot)
  • Hellfire (to manage the green worms)
  • Liquid Orion (to manage the little speedy worms)
  • Pestilent Defiler (only for Second Winds on the Purples Worms)

You could use any purple Shock SMG instead of the Liquid Orion.

I was always trying to kill Little Speddy Worms first, running far from Crawy and EVER hidding with the Arcs.
The Green Worms was my secondary targets.
The Purple Worms are too slow and you should keep them alive and avoid them only by running away.

If you can reach a “3 Purples Worms” configuration, you will be able to avoid every melee attack :smile:


And this, definitely :wink:

Lilith is very powerfull with a Mercenary Com, and you won’t be out of ammo !! :grinning:

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That was definitely an issue. I still haven’t found a decent late game merc com with ammo regen. I have an lesser one that I use on occasion.

Here is the answer :


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I check every time now thanks to Borderlands TPS training me to check every vendor.

BL1 players were already trained to check every Vendors when TPS was released… :wink:


Borderlands 2 untrained me. I got to the point where I ignored cash and selling loot entirely in #2. I am going to replay that soon enough as Zero though and maybe I’ll play a little differently now. It’ll be interesting. (I’ve played Zero before though)

It tooks me about 5 min to kill Crawy yesterday evening :smile:
I haven’t killed him for a long time, but this topic remembered me the old good time when I was farming him :smiling_imp:
I have looted some creepy Defiler, Equalizer, a good Pearl Chimera, a bad Volcano, a Hellfire… Nothing unusual yet…

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Finally, Crawmerax gave me great loot :slight_smile:

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What level are you? Leave your steam user, I can help you kill it until you get better gear