Cranking up the Legendary Rates - Seemingly the best decision possible

1st of all…Thx GBX for cranking up the legendary drop rates so much…a legendary in around every 2nd run is a great motivational tool as it encourages to play more Story Mode games. Also (this might only be a temporary effect) since this wonderful change came to be I find matches way quicker than usual (on PS4 for me, I can’t really tell for PC and XBox One), so the community seems to have become more active.


They upped the rates? Thank goodness, I’ve played tones of adv. story mode over the past two weeks, and haven’t gotten anything higher than an uncommon. Did adv. Heliophage yesterday, got one common and one uncommon. For a 55 minute slug fest.

Only done a few rounds since the change, but have gotten 3 legendaries in about 5 runs? Small sample I know, but I think its a good indicator of buffed numbers. Really great idea. I like that you gotta farm’em, but I imagine for those hardcore pvpers it probably sucks to feel you really need a particular item and have to grind for it for SO LONG.

I agree. It was a glorious idea that came at just the right time.

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yup finally some positive news following all the harsh nerfs they made to legendaries recently.

I think they upped the legendary rates for loot packs as well as story, I had opened a rare and uncommon loot pack yesterday from story missions and got a legendary from each. It was really nice after playing so much and only having three total legendaries that were not lore legendaries. Yesterday alone I had gotten 6 legendaries, 4 from 5 story missions and 2 from packs. Great move, now I just need the legendaries I want.