Crash crash and more crashing

Are alot of people experiencing stability issues on PC? It seems like the number of us is pretty small, and my crashes are incredibly random with this game, but consistently infuriating. No idea what’s triggering them as it can happen during fast traveling, walking around, ADS, opening the menu.

I’m most worried that Gearbox won’t release a patch for stability since a seeming minority of players are experiencing this issue. This is the only game I keep crashing in, and strangely, I have to restart my computer after a crash in order for it to no crash at launch up. I’ve tried a bunch of fixes to no avail (driver rollback, re-installing, adjust settings), and my GPU is nowhere near loaded / overheated. Did they say if they’re releasing some kind of stability patch?

RTX 2080
16 Gigs RAM


You are not alone. I personally haven’t had any major crash issues but my brother has. I think that the number of people having this issue is larger than it seems. I just don’t think that anyone knows where to get help because the crash report system for epic games is terrible and the reports themselves are pretty useless not to mention this is really the only place people can talk about it other than Reddit. I can’t even find where the crash reports are. my specs are similar I’m just running a 1060 instead

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I see more crashes everyday! I usually crash twicem then reboot system and then continue to crash!
After a total of 4 crashes I give up for the day!
Always get the same BS message about “resetting my game to default settings to prevent issues”
except I am using default settings!
Verhy seriously considering demanding a full refund and waiting until the game comes out on Steam!

2.70 GHZ 2.90 GHZ

Especially multiplayer crashes too often !

I bought a brand new scar 3 edition laptop and borderlands 3 was the first thing that was put on this laptop and I experience crashes once in a while. Its a driver issue with Nvidia and netcode with microsoft. They dont like BL3 right now and it will take time until its fixed.

i9 9750h 2070rtx 16gb ram

I am one of these people!! i can assure you that my PC can handle this game; the game runs smooth and no issues untio about an hour in it will just freeze… my mates and i cant seem to find out why and at this stage there is no chance of a refund. I have:

  • Reinstalled
  • updated all drivers
  • made sure no other programs are running, not even discord
  • verified game files
  • tried on both DirectX 11 and 12

Just the same thing every time; about an hour in… boom… freeze… hopefully somone up there will listen and investigate.