Crash due to Joint reference... cant find reference

Unable to find joint (carrier) in sob (TEL_DREADNOUGHT) to attach battle scar ref mesh to – FATAL EXIT – sobstatic/388:! --stack trace–

so I keep getting this crash but i don’t have this reference in my ship file nor events file… i don’t know why that joint is being mentioned… i could add it in the hod just to prevent the crash but i want to fix this properly… any ideas of what is causing this?

Sounds like you are missing a marker being referenced in your events file. That is my guess.

that is the first thing I though that the events file had something with the word “Carrier” as defined joint… but nothing D:

effects = {
animations = {
animation1 = {name = “Death”, length = 2, loop = 0, parent = “”, minimum = 0, maximum = 0, markers = {""},},
animation2 = {name = “Fire_Top”, length = 4, loop = 0, parent = “”, minimum = 0, maximum = 0, markers = {""},},
animation3 = {name = “Fire_Bottom”, length = 4, loop = 0, parent = “”, minimum = 0, maximum = 0, markers = {""},},
animation4 = {name = “Damage”, length = 1, loop = 1, parent = “”, minimum = 0, maximum = 0, markers = {""},},
animation5 = {name = “dmg01”, length = 1, loop = 1, parent = “Damage”, minimum = 0.25, maximum = 1, markers = {""},},
animation6 = {name = “dmg02”, length = 1, loop = 1, parent = “Damage”, minimum = 0.5, maximum = 1, markers = {""},},
animation7 = {name = “dmg03”, length = 1, loop = 1, parent = “Damage”, minimum = 0.75, maximum = 1, markers = {""},},},
events = {
event1 = {{“anim”, “death2”}, {“animtime”, “0”}, {“marker”, “root”}, {“fx”, “death_generic”}, {“sound”, “EXPLOSION/MEDIUM/ETG_EXPLODE_MEDIUM_FIREY”}, {“fx_scale”, “entity”},},
event2 = {{“anim”, “Fire_Top”}, {“animtime”, “0”}, {“marker”, “Weapon_Top_Muzzle”}, {“fx”, “muzzle_flash_combo_small_frigate”}, {“sound”, “Weapon/Frigate/Fire/WEAPON_FRIGATE_Flak_Cannon_Shell”}, {“fx_scale”, “1”}, {“fx_nlips”, “on”},},
event3 = {{“anim”, “Fire_Bottom”}, {“animtime”, “0”}, {“marker”, “Weapon_Bottom_Muzzle”}, {“fx”, “muzzle_flash_combo_small_frigate”}, {“sound”, “Weapon/Frigate/Fire/WEAPON_FRIGATE_Flak_Cannon_Shell”}, {“fx_scale”, “1”}, {“fx_nlips”, “on”},},
event4 = {{“anim”, “Fire_Top”}, {“animtime”, “0.5”}, {“marker”, “Weapon_TopSlave_Muzzle”}, {“fx”, “muzzle_flash_combo_small_frigate”}, {“sound”, “Weapon/Frigate/Fire/WEAPON_FRIGATE_Flak_Cannon_Shell”}, {“fx_scale”, “1”}, {“fx_nlips”, “on”},},
event5 = {{“anim”, “Fire_Bottom”}, {“animtime”, “0.5”}, {“marker”, “Weapon_BottomSlave_Muzzle”}, {“fx”, “muzzle_flash_combo_small_frigate”}, {“sound”, “Weapon/Frigate/Fire/WEAPON_FRIGATE_Flak_Cannon_Shell”}, {“fx_scale”, “1”}, {“fx_nlips”, “on”},},
event6 = {{“anim”, “death”}, {“animtime”, “0”}, {“marker”, “marker1”}, {“fx”, “dmg_cloud_explosion_large”}, {“sound”, “Explosion/Small/ETG_Explode_Small_Plasma”}, {“fx_scale”, “1.5”},},
event7 = {{“anim”, “death”}, {“animtime”, “0.1”}, {“marker”, “marker2”}, {“fx”, “dmg_cloud_explosion_large”}, {“fx_scale”, “2”},},
event8 = {{“anim”, “death”}, {“animtime”, “0.35”}, {“marker”, “marker4”}, {“fx”, “dmg_cloud_explosion_large”}, {“sound”, “Explosion/Small/ETG_Explode_Small_Firey”}, {“fx_scale”, “3”},},
event9 = {{“anim”, “death”}, {“animtime”, “0.4”}, {“marker”, “marker5”}, {“fx”, “dmg_cloud_explosion_large”}, {“fx_scale”, “4”},},
event10 = {{“anim”, “Death”}, {“animtime”, “0.4”}, {“marker”, “Root”}, {“fx”, “dmg_cloud_main_explosion_combo”}, {“sound”, “EXPLOSION/MEDIUM/ETG_EXPLODE_MEDIUM_FIREY”}, {“fx_scale”, “15”},},
event11 = {{“anim”, “dmg01”}, {“animtime”, “-1”}, {“marker”, “marker1,maker2”}, {“fx”, “dmg_damage_puff_combo_frigate,dmg_damage_cloud_puff_spray”}, {“sound”, “DAMAGE/SMOKE/DAMAGE_SMOKE_EXHAUST_HEAVY”}, {“fx_scale”, “5”}, {“fx_nlips”, “on”},},
event12 = {{“anim”, “dmg02”}, {“animtime”, “-1”}, {“marker”, “marker3,maker4”}, {“fx”, “dmg_damage_puff_combo_frigate,dmg_damage_cloud_puff_spray”}, {“sound”, “DAMAGE/SMOKE/DAMAGE_SMOKE_EXHAUST_HEAVY”}, {“fx_scale”, “7.5”}, {“fx_nlips”, “on”},},
event13 = {{“anim”, “dmg03”}, {“animtime”, “-1”}, {“marker”, “marker5”}, {“fx”, “dmg_damage_puff_combo_frigate,dmg_damage_cloud_puff_spray”}, {“sound”, “DAMAGE/SMOKE/DAMAGE_SMOKE_EXHAUST_HEAVY”}, {“fx_scale”, “10”}, {“fx_nlips”, “on”},},
event14 = {{“anim”, “death”}, {“animtime”, “0.15”}, {“marker”, “marker3”}, {“fx”, “dmg_cloud_explosion_large”}, {“sound”, “EXPLOSION/MEDIUM/ETG_EXPLODE_MEDIUM_FIREY”}, {“fx_scale”, “2”},},},}

is there any chance the ship file or the events file could have a reference to a file that references back to the original ship? like a cycle? this is driving me insane…

Does it crash on loading? Or when some specific event happens?

It happens on load

Wild guess, this isn’t a HODOR created ship, is it? Because that error is only going to happen if your HOD has incorrect data/structure - which in this case is almost certainly due to using the ‘hacked’ CfHodEd.

I’d say, in big bold font:


Except in this case, it seems you manually imported assets over a different ship (Carrier?) using the tool I have said many times creates broken files. And in that case, taking the work you have now and getting RODOH to help you get a DAE is iffy, at best.

So, if you have the data you started with, you may want to start building a DAE with it now. ESPECIALLY because post patch you must use HODOR, and none of your files will load. If you’ve avoided it because ‘CfHodEd is easier’, you’ll have been effectively just burning time and effort.

Unfortunately I don’t use blender to create my model files, the software I use is limited to obj files, thus hodor is useless to me

You can import your OBJ files into a package capable of exporting DAE - even if you don’t use it for the ‘grunt’ work. There’s a DAE editor being created here:

That may be able to add OBJ import so that you can skip Blender. @PayDay seems to listen to feedback/advice about his process and how the tools work, and is doing an incredible job.

Regardless, in the extremely near future using HODOR will not be optional, and editing a HOD file once HODOR has exported it will result in a file the engine won’t load.


I will contact him seems like a good option, I would use hodor if I could but some of us from the seriously old school of modding unfortunately got used to the pipeline of hw1… So thanks.

However I am curious I
Understand the hod file
Might be dirty but I don’t remember hod files holding references to the markers (joints) inside them that would cause a crash

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It isn’t a marker reference. It is a joint reference, sorta. You’ve got data in the file (as the error says, scar data), that was generated relative to the carrier mesh - which doesn’t exist. If you ‘fix’ it by just making a temp one, that’s bad too - because it isn’t the actual data that was used to generate the scar data, and is likely to cause crashes or odd behavior, especially if the user is running with battle scars enabled.

I understand being accustomed to older pipelines - but in a VERY short amount of time (avoiding the dreaded S word that rhymes with moon) - you’ll need to be using HODOR, as nothing else will work. HOD file format is entirely different, most of the data is now baked into massive blocks of data that cannot be edited, at all, after HODOR has processed it. I think a more robust ecology of tools for doing stuff pre-HODOR will be created (@Payday 's tool being a great example) - but HOD files are an end-product now.


thanks and yeah I can see the benefit in that people wont be able to steal others work in models since they wont be editable, here hoping the new tools that develop after the patch and up to the quality and ease of use required.

You’re still working with Milkshape? If an old tools still works, all is well, but when it doesn’t… Constantly learning new tools is expected of those who work with software.